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Ask Michelle - Questions & Answers about Meth Addiction and Recovery

  • Feb

    Are you an Addict?

    1. Have you found the need to increase your dose of substance because you no longer receive the same affects you once did?
    2. Do you find yourself constantly thinking about getting high?
    3. Do you plan your week or weekend around getting high?
    4. Do you find yourself using more and more often?
    5. Do you feel a compulsive need to use drugs?
    6. Do you use drugs on a regular basis (daily or weekly)?
    7. Have you ever lied to a doctor about your need for drugs?
    8. Have you ever stolen in order to obtain your drugs?
    9. Do you want to stop using drugs or have you tried to stop but just can't?
    10. Do you experience withdrawal symptoms when you're unable to use?
    11. Does it make you nervous or do you experience panic if your supply is getting low or runs out?
    12. Have you ever overdosed before?

    The biggest sign of addiction is when tolerance sets in. When you find yourself having to use more to experience the same high you once received you have become tolerant of the substance. Increasing the amount used happens when dependency and addiction sets in. From there the addiction continues to get worse unless treatment is received. By the time withdrawal symptoms are experienced when not using you are probably chronically addicted.

    Always seek professional help when choosing to stop using any drug that's been heavily abused for any length of time. Detoxification can be very dangerous depending on the situation and shouldn't be done on your own.

    Signs of a Crystal Meth User

    The physical signs to look for are:

    1. Hyperactive or agitation
    2. Losing weight or appetite decreases
    3. Sweating more than normal
    4. Talking excessively
    5. Sexuality increases
    6. Sleeplessness
    7. Compulsive behavior repetitive
    8. Personal hygiene suffers
    9. Obsessively scratching or picking on body and face
    10. Track marks on the arms
    11. Meth paraphernalia like syringe, needles, spoons, foil, glass pipes, rubber tubing, straws, and busted light bulbs

    Emotional and Psychological signs to look for:

    1. Euphoria and excitement
    2. Anxiety
    3. Confusion
    4. Paranoia or fear
    5. Delusions
    6. Suicidal tendencies or behaviors
    7. Depression and despair
    8. Aggression and hostility
    9. Violent rages suddenly
    10. Irritability
    11. Un-motivation

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