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Ask Michelle - Questions & Answers about Meth Addiction and Recovery

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    Dreaming About Meth

    I've been up for 2 nights and its late. I know I'm gonna sleep tonight. I hate everything about it (the taste inhaled, the craving, the feeling, the look of ice.) BUT I CANNOT STOP. I'll be lucky to go a week 1/2 then the urge takes place hard and strong, but guess when, in my dreams. Yep smoking ice in my dreams. I awaken knowing what im gonna do later on, next few days. The wierd thing is my main, best friends dont do it. They know I do it and dislike it. I've tried NA classes and went straight to the dope house with the attitude "all this drug talk is making me want it even more". Give me your opinion Alice . I just broke my pipe on my porch. How can I overcome these controlling cravings? I've done things like instead of buying a 20 bag spend 20 bucks on fast food, but then here comes the urge even worse. If there is a hell are the cooks going there, fuck em all! Me on the dope, email me in a few days, off dope I bet I forget to check my mail. Why do I feel I need this shit to function? d the 19 yr old unhappy tweaker.

    Unfortunately what you're describing are chronic addiction symptoms. The first time you ever used meth it caused the dopamine, serotonin, epinephrine, and norepinephrine (neurotransmitter system) in the brain to react. This means that immediately pleasure chemicals were released and you experienced an intense artificial rush. As soon as the rush wears down you begin to experience the opposite effect which is very unpleasant. This is why meth is so addictive, the user has to chase that rush usually, that's why they repeat the use and why the user gets hooked.

    Because pleasure chemicals in the brain were artificially released the neurotransmitter systems is off balance and a chemical imbalance takes place. The healthy pleasure chemicals that are released normally in the brain can no longer function correctly because meth kills nerve cells. This happens the first time a person uses meth. Now in order to feel somewhat normal again you have to repeat your use of meth. The cycle continues and eventually you have to use meth more often and in higher doses. When you're not using you become irritable, very depressed, experience intense cravings, and feel miserable.

    Many people are hooked on meth the first time they use it and the longer you use the drug the more dependent you become mentally and physically. The cravings are intense when you're not using meth and the cravings are almost impossible to control on your own. It takes a long time for the chemicals to completely get out of your system and until they do, the cravings continue. This is why most people suffering from meth addiction need help to overcome their addiction. Methamphetamines aren't like other drugs, when meth takes control, it takes control.

    Because meth use kills off healthy brain cells, the depression continues to get worse. Your brain can no longer release healthy normal quantities of dopamine and serotonin which keeps you emotionally and physically stable throughout the day. This is why many people relapse no matter how badly they want to stop using meth. After the first few times they use meth they're not using to experience that euphoric rush anymore, they're using meth to attempt to feel normal.

    I understand that you hate meth and that you just want to feel better but at this point you're going to need professional help. Naturally the best thing you can do for yourself is to enter into a drug treatment program because they can help you recover from meth addiction. You can't recover until you detox and doing it on your own is next to impossible for most people. A drug rehab center can help you with meth withdrawals that are miserable and if medication is needed for depression and anxiety, they can help with that too.

    If you're unable to enter a drug treatment program you need to see your physician and be honest about your meth addiction. This isn't easy but neither is what you're going through right now. Your physician will make sure your health is ok, help you with depression if needed and guide you with the steps you need to take to recover.

    At 19 you have your whole life ahead of you and you can beat this addiction if you get the proper help and guidance. Never be ashamed to ask for help, I promise you you're not alone!

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