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  • Apr

    IV Detox

    How do I detox from IV meth use daily in high doses?

    It's important for anyone that's used meth in high doses frequently to seek medical help when detoxing from methamphetamine use. Detox facilities are experienced in all areas of drug addiction and they can provide medications if they are necessary when detoxing from meth or any other substance. Depression, anxiety and drug cravings are part of the withdrawal symptoms and Detoxification Centers are able to keep you safe and as comfortable as possible during this time.

    If you're unable to enter into a detox center you need to seek medical advice from your physician. Your doctor will be able to tell you if you're healthy enough to attempt detox on your own. There are many health issues that can arise during detox. A lot has to do with your over-all health while using methamphetamines. Don't just assume you're ok and you can do this on your own especially if you were using high doses of meth for any length of time.

    If any other drugs or alcohol was used in high doses this also makes a big difference when it comes to detoxification. Always be up front and honest with your physician or treatment center when it comes to your use of drugs. It's important for them to know what other drugs or substances were used, this makes a big difference with your detoxification process. Good Luck

1 Response to IV Detox

  • Alex

    April 11th, 2011

    I grinded my teeth so much that 3 of them rotted off. I bit my finger nails so much that I almost had to get three fingers amputated. I went from 125 kg to 80 kg in 3 months. Didn't sleep for 23 days straight. Went through 3 days of detox after plenty of abuse felt my intestines being pulled and squirming. Pissed blood, did nothing but vomit for 2 days blood leaked out of my ears and eyes. Lost my site for a day, couldn't walk, felt like I was getting bitten and covered in thousands of spiders. Like I was covered with open wounds. Any little thing that touched me felt like as if I was getting stabbed. 4 days of that for using speed for a while.

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