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  • Apr

    Needle Use

    I am trying to stop using meth. I have strongly abused the drug for the last five years. I have nothing left but my name and two wonderful beautiful children. I am also facing a lot of legal things due to stealing for the drug plus most recently the police busted me and my husband for manufacturing. He is still in jail and my wonderful mother placed my bond. I was doing so good since I finally came home to my kids and my family. Until today like a retard I came across some meth and I did me one. I forgot to tell you I injected my meth in a needle. I wish to God he would just help me to say no. Anyway my question to you is there anything to help the pain and swelling when you miss a shot. Or what I mean is the needle was not in my vein and it hurts so bad. I have missed before several times.

    But this seems more sore and swollen than any other time. I want to quit so bad. But I still think about it every single day. I know that sound sounds crazy after all it has taken from me my children, my car, my home, my husband, my job, my dignity. I still do the shit. I don't do it for the pleasure. I do it for the pure sickness. I wish I would have never seen or heard of the shit. I hope there is someone out there who can chat a while. I will feel like a dumb ass if I have sit here and wrote this to myself. Is anybody out there who can tell me a magic way to make you never crave the poison\crank\ever again?

    Thank you, the junkie crying for help.

    You need to seek medical help as soon as possible. This has happened to people before and you need to see your physician, a clinic or go to the emergency room and have this treated. If it's an abscess it needs to be seen and treated within a day or so. Please take this seriously.

    The only way the cravings will go away is if you stop. Cravings are part of addiction and withdrawal and there is no other way to get around them until you quit. You will have to seek treatment in order to quit because of your long term use, it's too dangerous to do this on your own. An inpatient treatment program will help you with detox and the necessary treatment to help you heal and recover. Please don't say or think that it can't be done because people seek help for their meth addictions every day successfully. The longer you use meth the more critical it is to have help for your addiction. Not only can they help you with the discomfort of withdrawal but they will gear your personal treatment specifically for your needs. I promise it will get better in time if you get help. You owe it to yourself and your children to seek help and be in their lives for the long term. Let us know how you're doing, Good Luck

    Injecting meth into an artery or missing the vein is very serious, if this happens and you could lose a limb. Apply pressure and call 911 as soon as possible.