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Ask Michelle - Questions & Answers about Meth Addiction and Recovery

  • Apr


    What foods can I eat to help me recover apart from taking supplements?

    Avoid fast foods, sodas and alcohol; they?re not good for anyone but especially when recovering from drug use. It takes a long time to heal from the effects of meth use and most of the time the user is underweight and definitely unhealthy. Physical exercise especially walking combined with plenty of water helps to flush your body and process fats. A multi vitamin taken daily is also good because there?s no way of getting every essential vitamin our bodies need to stay healthy.

    Eating a diet that?s low in fats, low in sugar, healthy vegetables, fruits and lean meats will help you recover but remember it takes time. I would always recommend seeing your doctor to make sure you?re overall health is ok. Most users don?t eat or sleep right and could be seriously lacking in important vitamins or minerals and they don?t even know it.

    There is no overnight cure to getting your strength and health back when recovering from meth addiction but healthy proper nutrition, exercise, and plenty of water is a good place to start. See your physician if you need help with depression during recovery, there are anti-depressants they can prescribe that aren?t addicting but will help you during this time.