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Ask Michelle - Questions & Answers about Meth Addiction and Recovery

  • Mar

    Only Used Once

    Help me! I did meth for the first time 3 days ago. I've tried other drugs before, but this was my first time on meth. We smoked it, so I guess it's called ice. It didn't feel good at all not euphoric good anyways, I just felt fast and I couldn't stop talking. I'm very worried about the health problems I might have. Will this affect my mind severely after one night's usage? Will meditation help? How do I get the meth smell out of fabric? How do I get some sleep? It's been more than 48 hours but I can still smell it on me coming out of my pores.

    Even using meth once has an effect on the nerve cells in the brain but I don't think there would be permanent damaging effects done after one use. Everyone's body is different though and a lot depends on what other drugs you have done and what your overall health is. I hope you won't give in and smoke ice a second time. A second time you may not be so lucky.

    Meditation is healthy for everyone and especially those who have a hard time relaxing. Meditation is healing for the mind, body and soul. As far as the meth smell in fabric if it's in clothes, wash them. In furniture it will take a while to go away let fresh air in and give it a few days.

    As far as sleep, avoid caffeine beverages or foods containing caffeine. Go for a long walks and relax your mind, this helps to get rid of nervous, anxious energy too. Soaking in a bath tub afterwards will help relax your muscles then lie down and try to quiet your mind and relax. As the chemicals and toxins are released from your body the smell of meth will leave your pores and you will find sleeping much easier. Until the drug is completely out of your system the pore smell and sleeping problems will continue but they will also get better and better.

    The craving you may experience as the drug leaves your systems is what concerns me. DON'T give into them and don't take other drugs in place of the meth. If you do, there will be damaging mental effects experienced eventually and for some people they're permanent and never get better.

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