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  • Apr

    Pre-Natal Meth Exposure

    I was clean from meth for 6 months and started using again. I am now 7 months pregnant what can this do to my baby?

    When a mother uses meth during her pregnancy the unborn fetus is being put in danger. Meth use elevates the mother's blood pressure and heart rate which can either cause a spontaneous abortion or premature delivery. The placenta is also in danger because meth causes the blood vessels in the placenta to constrict or tighten. The placenta is where the fetus gets their oxygen supply and their nutrients.

    When meth passes through the placenta it can cause the blood pressure to elevate in the fetus and lead to prenatal strokes, damage to the heart or other major organs. The fetus's heart rate can also increase and cause the growth of the fetus to slow or become altered.

    Some of the risks associated with drug exposure in the womb include:

    1. Low birth weight
    2. Premature birth
    3. Neurobehavioral symptoms which are withdrawal symptoms
    4. Infectious diseases like AIDS, HIV, and hepatitis B
    5. SIDS sudden infant death syndrome
    6. Fetal alcohol syndrome
    7. Developmental defects

    There are many dangerous risks associated with using meth during pregnancy, you need to be honest with your doctor and they will help you to stop. Your doctor needs to know about your meth use before the baby is born so they can be prepared for any complications during delivery and with your babies health when it's born.

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