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  • Apr

    Purity of Ice


    How do you make badly cut 'ice' more pure to get rid of the misc. crap that goes in?

    How do you get acid out of meth after washing with acetone? You can taste the acid in it, what can I do?

    How can I get the product to taste like it should, what can I do? Reprocess it?


    Meth is an extremely dangerous illegal drug that's destroyed way too many drug users including their families. Many families have lost precious loved ones to meth addiction and we're here to help and inform others of the serious consequences associated with meth and the treatment they need to recover. This website is an informational meth recovery site for those who want to get help for their meth addiction not a 'meth recipe' site. Questions associated with promoting the use or production of meth will not be answered on this site.

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