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Ask Michelle - Questions & Answers about Meth Addiction and Recovery

  • Apr

    Speed Bumps

    Some friends and I snort ice. A few of us are breaking out in dark bumps on our arms, back, legs, and chest. These things look like black heads or pimples. What is doing this? And how do we get them to go away?

    Meth as you know is made with dangerous toxic chemicals and when a person absorbs these chemicals either by snorting, smoking or injecting them some of the toxins are released through the skin through sweat. Bumps and sores are part of crystal meth use and the only way they will stop is if you stop using meth. Eventually the meth user begins to scratch and pick at the speed bumps that develop on their bodies and they turn into large sores that sometimes become infected.

    As long as you're snorting ice, you are going to have speed bumps and there is no way to magically make them disappear. They can be avoided though but that means the user has to STOP using meth which includes snorting, smoking or ingesting the drug.

    If a person continues to use meth and break out in ?speed bumps' they stand a chance of eventually having serious skin problems that don't heal very easily.

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