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  • May

    Sperm Count

    Thank you for being accessible. Our son is in his second treatment for meth use. He is to be released shortly. His girl friend, and the mother of his second child, states she does not need to use birth control because she heard meth users have a very low sperm count. How does meth use affect a man's sperm count and the health of his sperm?

    Meth is made up of toxic chemicals and because it's a street drug, there is no way of telling exactly what poisonous chemicals are in it for sure each time a person uses meth. Meth affects a person psychologically, emotionally, and physically so there is a possibility meth can have an effect on a person's sperm count but that's just my opinion. It just makes sense to me that if meth can affect the way the brain sends and receives chemical messages such as dopamine and neurotransmitters, sperm count could be affected also. These toxic chemicals make their way throughout the bloodstream, can cause addiction in unborn babies, so I would think it could affect a man's sperm.

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