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Ask Michelle - Questions & Answers about Meth Addiction and Recovery

  • May

    Symptoms of Meth Use

    I noticed that my friend's son's behavior, looks, etc. seem like he is using Crystal Meth. My friend doesn't believe me, she understands that there is a problem, but he keeps telling her he is off drugs. What can I do?

    There are signs to look for if someone is using crystal meth, the signs listed below are the same for most people. Some people have all the symptoms and others have most of them. If a person has some of the signs but not all, they still could be signs of crystal meth use. These signs include:

    1. They're awake most of the time only getting a couple hours of sleep each night. This happens quite frequently. Staying up for 24 hours or more is quite common for meth users.
    2. When they do sleep they can sleep they crash for a few days at a time.
    3. Mood swings are quite common in meth users, they can be happy and cheerful for a couple of days then irritable, grumpy and aggressive the next.
    4. Loss of weight is also very common in people who are using meth. They don't just lose a pound or 2 and it usually happens rapidly and is quite noticeable.
    5. Perspiring or sweating is another sign of meth use in most people.
    6. Their communication changes, they're talking all the time and they talk very fast, somewhat hyper.
    7. They can't seem to stick with anything, starting projects and never finishing them. They tend to go from one project to another.
    8. Paranoia is another sign of meth use.
    9. Missing school or work a lot is common, if they're not missing they're late a lot.
    10. If a person is using meth they aren't hanging around non users much, they're hanging around people with the same symptoms I'm describing.
    11. Relationships with family and loved ones become more distant.

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