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    A Prescription for Pseudoephedrine, It's the Responsible Thing to Do

    A Prescription for Pseudoephedrine, It's the Responsible Thing to Do

    The nasal decongestant that's found in a variety of allergy and cold medications is the meth-monster that has to be done away with and the only way that can happen is simple. Following the footsteps of Oregon and Mississippi, pseudoephedrine has got to require a prescription in order to be sold. The electronic monitoring and logs that are done in other states isn't working and no matter how inconvenient that may be to people, it has to be done.

    Illegal meth labs are everywhere and because of smurfing now meth is easily produced. Smurfing is when a person goes from pharmacy to pharmacy purchasing small undetected amounts of medications containing pseudoephedrine, they sell it to those that cook meth or they take their cut in meth. When you get hundreds of people doing this it doesn't take long to increase your supply. If a prescription was required meth production would decrease dramatically just as it has in Oregon and Mississippi.

    In Mississippi the number of meth labs fell 65%, that's a substantial decrease. Mexico has always been the biggest supplier of methamphetamine in the U.S. Fortunately in 2009 they did the smart thing and banned pseudoephedrine completely. When this happened the meth produced in Mexico decreased in potency dramatically.

    Not only is meth toxic, addictive, and causes brain cell damage but meth labs that produce these dangerous drugs catch fire and blow up. Meth can even be made in a vehicle while traveling. People who sell or use meth have actually developed a way to make meth in 2 liter soda bottles while on the go, and this is seriously dangerous. For every reason given for NOT requiring a prescription for pseudoephedrine I'm sure there are more than 100 tragedies that have taken place that would say YES.

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