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    Meth Abuse and Brain Adverse Effects

    People who abuse methamphetamines don't think about the consequences or long term effects associated with their use of meth. They are abusing the stimulant in order to get high not thinking about how meth might affect them later on. Unfortunately the misuse of crystal meth and other stimulants comes with negative consequences. Repeated use of methamphetamines like crystal meth not only causes tolerance that leads to addiction but there are many other risks involved.

    Moods are altered differently depending on how meth is used but the lasting effects from long term use no matter how methamphetamines are abused can be quite serious.

    Smoking crystal meth is preferred by many users and can cause addiction in a short period of time. Snorting and smoking methamphetamine causes the chemicals to enter the brain quickly and the user experiences an intense rapid high. Some people refer to this as a flash or rush of euphoria. This rush only lasts for a few minutes but is said to be highly pleasurable.

    Snorting or using meth orally produces a high but nowhere near as intense. It takes about 3 to 5 minutes to feel the high when users snort meth and when taken orally; users feel the effects in about 15 to 20 minutes.

    It's very common for those who abuse stimulants to binge and then crash continuously for a while repeating this pattern. The effects of methamphetamine use don't last long so binging is a way of repeating the high. Some people binge in a pattern called a 'run'. They repeatedly abuse meth binging and crashing for several days at a time. During this 'run' phase they don't eat or sleep.

    Chronic use of methamphetamine also changes the brain and alters brain activity. The changes in the brain include altered dopamine activity which affects verbal learning and reduces motor speed. Other areas of the brain that are affected from chronic meth use include emotional problems with rational thinking difficulties.

    Many individuals who abuse meth overtime also suffer from psychosis which includes paranoia, hallucinations and repetitive motor activity. Users also suffer from memory loss, severe dental problems and weight loss.

    Some chronic methamphetamine users suffer very long lasting effects from abusing stimulant drugs. Chronic users of meth are also at risk of strokes which can also lead to damages in the brain that are irreversible.

    As stated above, there are many negative consequences associated with methamphetamine use. The user experiences effects from their use of meth and some of them aren't very pleasant. Meth is such a powerful stimulant that even if a user abuses small doses it can keep them awake for long periods of time.

    Other Affects of Chronic Methamphetamine Use

    Cardiovascular problems; fast heart rates, heartbeat can become irregular, and meth use increases blood pressure.

    Euphoria is caused from intense surges of dopamine in the brain. With chronic use of meth your brain stops producing normal dopamine levels on its own. Your brain has gotten so use to the stimulant forcing surges of dopamine it becomes incapable of producing normal levels on its own anymore. Depression type symptoms can be caused from decreased dopamine levels; this is why the user eventually continues abusing stimulants to just to feel better. At one time the user was looking to get high but after chronic habitual abuse, the user is just looking to feel better or normal.

    Long term use especially chronic use causes anxiety, confusion, sleeplessness, unstable mood swings, and violent behavior.

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