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Research is a continuous ongoing necessity when it comes to understanding drugs, addiction and treatment. Intensive studies are necessary in order to find solutions to problems caused from substance use and drug addiction. Through exhaustive research progress is being made all the time finding successful treatments for illness, disease and addiction.

We can only hope that someday methamphetamine use and addiction will be a thing of the past but until that time comes studies and research will pave the way for successful addiction treatment and long term recovery. Meth is a powerfully addictive drug and someday through research there will be a medication that's successful in treating crystal meth addiction.

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    Methamphetamine Abuse and Schizophrenia

    Methamphetamine Abuse and Schizophrenia According to Medline Plus a study shows that people who heavily abuse meth could be at an increased risk of "developing schizophrenia" which is unfortunately a serious life-long brain disorder....

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    Crystal Meth Doesn't Just Create Euphoria, Delusions and Paranoia Can Be Experienced Too

    Crystal Meth Doesn't Just Create Euphoria, Delusions and Paranoia Can Be Experienced Too Some of the very serious risks that are associated with long term use of methamphetamine include hallucinations and psychosis which involves psychotic and delusional behavior. Individuals can suffer from paranoia and become delusional hearing things that aren't really there, feeling bugs crawling under the skin that don't exist, their thoughts can become irrational, they can become violent and sometimes fear the world around them is out to 'get them'....

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    One Pot Meth Method Still Problematic

    One Pot Meth Method Still Problematic There are still many people throughout the United States running illegal meth labs from their homes, garages, in hotel rooms, vacant buildings, campers, RV?s, and even in storage units. The one pot method of making meth is still a problem and very dangerous. Various chemicals are combined together when producing meth, and they are highly toxic and dangerous....

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    5 Year Old Brings Crystal Meth for Show-and-Tell

    5 Year Old Brings Crystal Meth for Show-and-Tell The abuse of drugs today is rapidly increasing among young people and adults and it's sad to think that children are growing up in homes with drugs like pot, heroin, crystal meth, and prescription drugs lying around the house within their reach....

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    The Dangers and Symptoms of Meth Use

    The Dangers and Symptoms of Meth Use Meth is such a destructive drug, in a short period of time a person can become addicted and they're lives are changed forever without help. Long term use of meth not only leads to addiction but the changes that take place in the brain make it next to impossible to stop on your own without help. When a person is chronically addicted to meth the anxiety, confusion, depression, delusions and paranoia some people experience has to be a living nightmare....

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    Tennessee Warns Public About Synthetic Stimulant Use

    Tennessee Warns Public About Synthetic Stimulant Use Synthetic stimulants are used by a lot of people because they're considered a cheap high and the one's that commonly use drugs like inhalants, bath salts, salvia, and synthetic forms of ecstasy are young people. The use of these types of stimulants ends up sending a lot of young people to the hospital for emergency medical treatment. Young people just don't understand how dangerous the use of inhalants, bath salts household goods, and nutmeg are nor do they realize the use of them can cause seizures, heart damage and death....

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