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Research is a continuous ongoing necessity when it comes to understanding drugs, addiction and treatment. Intensive studies are necessary in order to find solutions to problems caused from substance use and drug addiction. Through exhaustive research progress is being made all the time finding successful treatments for illness, disease and addiction.

We can only hope that someday methamphetamine use and addiction will be a thing of the past but until that time comes studies and research will pave the way for successful addiction treatment and long term recovery. Meth is a powerfully addictive drug and someday through research there will be a medication that's successful in treating crystal meth addiction.

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    Neurotensin System Study on Meth Effects

    Neurotensin System Study on Meth Effects Meth addiction is very serious, the effects caused from using methamphetamines not only causes physical harm to the meth user but causes harm to the community as well. A big portion of the mental and physical problems caused from abusing meth are due to dopamine changes in the brain. There aren't any medications that have been approved yet for the treatment of meth addiction....

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    The Meth Project

    The Meth Project Meth is so addictive, mentally and physically dangerous, and easy to find no matter where you live. Young people experimenting with drug use many times choose meth because of the mental and physical feelings methamphetamine use produces. Young people are unaware of the dangers associated with methamphetamine use and until they truly understand the dangers involved, the number of meth addictions will continue to grow....

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    Candy Meth is a Sweet Myth

    Candy Meth is a Sweet Myth A bill was proposed for three years in a row, from 2007 to 2009 called 'Saving Kids From Dangerous Drugs Act'. The bill never got anywhere every time it was proposed and here's why. First of all the bill enhanced regular drug dealing penalties for anyone who manufactures, creates, distributes, or possesses with intent to distribute a controlled substance that is flavored, colored, packaged or otherwise altered in a way that is designed to make it more appealing to a person under 21 years of age, or who attempts or conspires to do so....

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    UCLA Virtual Reality Meth Addiction

    UCLA Virtual Reality Meth Addiction At UCLA a study was done by their Addiction Researchers called Second Life to get a better understanding of methamphetamine use and the addictive response to the triggers the meth user experiences. In this study addicts that were seeking treatment were used, there were 17 volunteers involved in the study. The study was done with virtual drug use and virtual paraphernalia in a virtual meth house setting....

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    University of Montana - Brain Injury Study

    University of Montana - Brain Injury Study The Department of Defense has granted $1.5 million dollars to a researcher at a University of Montana. David Poulsen was awarded the grant for continued methamphetamine research. David is a researcher in the Universities Department of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Montana....

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    Pseudoephedrine By Prescription?

    Pseudoephedrine By Prescription? The illegal production and abuse of methamphetamines is still a major concern throughout most of the United States. There are so many serious and dangerous consequences associated with meth that more needs to be done in order to stop the illegal manufacturing, trafficking and abuse of methamphetamine....

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