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Research is a continuous ongoing necessity when it comes to understanding drugs, addiction and treatment. Intensive studies are necessary in order to find solutions to problems caused from substance use and drug addiction. Through exhaustive research progress is being made all the time finding successful treatments for illness, disease and addiction.

We can only hope that someday methamphetamine use and addiction will be a thing of the past but until that time comes studies and research will pave the way for successful addiction treatment and long term recovery. Meth is a powerfully addictive drug and someday through research there will be a medication that's successful in treating crystal meth addiction.

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    Grant Issued to Help Identify Meth Mouth In Beginning Stages

    Grant Issued to Help Identify Meth Mouth In Beginning Stages The use of methamphetamines continues to rise and people of all ages use these drugs, there is over a million chronic users. The sad thing is that abusing meth in the long term leads to seriously dangerous consequences, both mental and physical. The consequence of using methamphetamines affects a person psychologically and causes serious medical problems. Not only is their health at risk but their behavior changes causing violent tendencies and mood disorders....

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    Meth Use Could Increase Risk of Parkinson?s Disease

    Meth Use Could Increase Risk of Parkinson?s Disease A study shows that individuals that heavily use meth may have a higher than normal risk for Parkinson's disease. These findings are very preliminary but there is some evidence showing it could. Previous use of Benzedrine and Dexedrine looks like it could be associated with the increased risk of this disease....

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    Drug Awareness Programs Provide Mug Shots to Make Impact

    Drug Awareness Programs Provide Mug Shots to Make Impact Meth is so unbelievably destructive to anyone that abuses this drug. The extreme euphoria the user experiences is just one of the reasons a person experiments with methamphetamine. The sad thing is that meth is very addictive and depending on the user and their emotional state, they can become dependent on methamphetamine sometimes after the first use....

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    A Prescription for Pseudoephedrine, It's the Responsible Thing to Do

    A Prescription for Pseudoephedrine, It's the Responsible Thing to Do The nasal decongestant that's found in a variety of allergy and cold medications is the meth-monster that has to be done away with and the only way that can happen is simple. Following the footsteps of Oregon and Mississippi, pseudoephedrine has got to require a prescription in order to be sold. The electronic monitoring and logs that are done in other states isn't working and no matter how inconvenient that may be to people, it has to be done....

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    Bath Salts - Meth Like High

    Bath Salts - Meth Like High Kids Getting High with Meth-Substitute 'Bath Salt'. People are continually looking for new ways to get high and manufacturers seem to come out with products substance users can abuse. These products are legal and easy to find but they're extremely dangerous when used for the purpose of getting high....

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    Meth Use and Brain Abnormalities

    Meth Use and Brain Abnormalities Brain scans of people that have used meth show that their use of the stimulant drug damages brain cells. The damage to brain cells can continue for months even after the individual stops using methamphetamines. Studies have been done that shows meth exposed children have similar brain structure to those who were exposed to alcohol. The study also shows that possibly children exposed to meth are more affected than alcohol exposed children....

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