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Research is a continuous ongoing necessity when it comes to understanding drugs, addiction and treatment. Intensive studies are necessary in order to find solutions to problems caused from substance use and drug addiction. Through exhaustive research progress is being made all the time finding successful treatments for illness, disease and addiction.

We can only hope that someday methamphetamine use and addiction will be a thing of the past but until that time comes studies and research will pave the way for successful addiction treatment and long term recovery. Meth is a powerfully addictive drug and someday through research there will be a medication that's successful in treating crystal meth addiction.

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    High Potency Liquid Meth Bust in Colorado by Denver DEA

    High Potency Liquid Meth Bust in Colorado by Denver DEA Mexican drug trafficking organizations are responsible for a vast amount of meth that's sold and abused in the United States. Drug dealers are always coming up with new ways to smuggle illicit drugs across the border and it appears they came up with an unusual way to transport meth into the states and apparently they're getting even more creative....

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    Meth Ingredient Requires Identification in Southern New England

    Meth Ingredient Requires Identification in Southern New England Meth is such a destructive drug the production of the illegal substance is just as toxic and dangerous as its use. Ever since one-pot methods of production started taking off, cooking methamphetamine has become easier, faster and even more dangerous. Meth users and dealers continue to illegally produce the drug even though cold and allergy medications containing pseudoephedrine or ephedrine are more difficult to get in many states due to electronic tracking systems....

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    Abusing Meth in High Doses Can Be Life-Threatening

    Abusing Meth in High Doses Can Be Life-Threatening Street meth is dangerously addictive it ends up completely taking over a person's life when it's repeatedly used because it's such a powerful destructive drug. A person's use of meth can become chronic very easily when they smoke, snort or inject the drug. Once meth reaches the brain, high levels of dopamine are released very rapidly producing a very intense rush the user experiences very fast....

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    Daycare Provider Exposes Children to Meth

    Daycare Provider Exposes Children to Meth When we entrust our children in the hands of a daycare provider we should never have to worry about them being exposed to dangerous drugs like meth, but after running across a recent disturbing news report, maybe it's something we need to think about or at least keep in mind....

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    Two Year Old Ingested Toxic Chemicals Used to Produce Meth

    Two Year Old Ingested Toxic Chemicals Used to Produce Meth Street meth is so toxic and dangerous that it actually affects every organ in the body, including thoughts and behaviors when the drug is abused. Meth users have no clue what they're doing to themselves or the level of control the drug will have on them once they're addicted. Unfortunately the abuse of meth doesn't just have an impact on the user as we've seen in the news over and over again. Young children are equally in danger when parents use or manufacture meth....

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    5 Year Old Tests Positive for Meth

    5 Year Old Tests Positive for Meth A five year old child has tested positive for meth and the mother is accused of injecting the drug. It's hard to believe that a mother would even use drugs like meth when they have children but today, people from all walks of life are abusing dangerous drugs like methamphetamine and some even use them around their kids. What's even more astounding is a news report I ran across recently involving a five year old child that tested positive for methamphetamine on

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