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Ask Michelle - Questions & Answers about Meth Addiction and Recovery

Do you have questions about Methamphetamine addiction and recovery? Go ahead and submit your question or review discussions and answers below for questions asked by others.

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    Parachuting - Wrapping and Swallowing Meth

    Question: Could you please help me on a question? My friend as been eating Amphetamines for about 5 years. She puts it in a cigarette paper and swallows it. From time to time she also snorts it. Is this as addictive as Crystal ice and Meth? Also is the dangers the same?...

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    Question: After usage has stopped, what can be done to prevent or lessen thoughts of paranoia?...

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    Giving Meth to Cats or Other Pets

    Question: What would happen if a cat got hold of the stuff?...

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    Positive Drug Test

    Question: My friend is in the United States Army and got urine tested for drugs. My friend tested positive, and just now told me they smoked crystal meth twice, like a month ago. How would they still test positive after smoking it a month ago?...

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    Pregnancy and Meth Use

    Question: I did meth for the first three months of my pregnancy. I am currently in treatment, but I am scared that the baby may have birth defects?...

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    Dreaming About Meth

    Question: I've been up for 2 nights and its late. I know I'm gonna sleep tonight. I hate everything about it (the taste inhaled, the craving, the feeling, the look of ice.) BUT I CANNOT STOP. I'll be lucky to go a week 1/2 then the urge takes place hard and strong, but guess when, in my dreams. Yep smoking ice in my dreams. I awaken knowing what im gonna do later on, next few days. The wierd thing is my main, best friends dont do it. They know I do it and dislike it. I've tried NA classes and went straight to the dope house with the attitude "all this drug talk is making me want it even more". Give me your opinion Alice . I just broke my pipe on my porch. How can I overcome these controlling cravings? I've done things like instead of buying a 20 bag spend 20 bucks on fast food, but then here comes the urge even worse. If there is a hell are the cooks going there, fuck em all! Me on the dope, email me in a few days, off dope I bet I forget to check my mail. Why do I feel I need this shit to function? d the 19 yr old unhappy tweaker....

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