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Do you have questions about Methamphetamine addiction and recovery? Go ahead and submit your question or review discussions and answers below for questions asked by others.

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    Question: My cousin gets these yellow blisters on her thumbs and fingers. The puss will drain and she gets new skin on her fingers. What can these blisters be from? I'm not sure if she injects, smokes or whatever....

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    Dilated Eyes

    Question: How can u tell if one's high by their eyes?...

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    Cost of Meth

    Question: How much does crystal meth, speed or amphetamines/methamphetamines sell for?...

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    Question: I would like to know why my daughter keeps getting these boils on her skin in different places. She said she has stopped Meth/Coke and is only smoking a joint here and there but it seems that these boils keep coming up. Her life has been pretty much in shambles, and is trying to get a job, but I keep telling her that she needs to get off of everything - but she is her own person, and I cannot help with that until he wants help again. In rehab twice and said that she has not done any hard drugs since last July almost a year ago. But, she keeps getting these boils and has to have them lanced. What could be going on? It's been really hard for her to find a job and keep one also. She has been diagnosed as a Dual/user. And she is only 22 years. Also, I found sometimes in her bag the other night, and it was alcohol swabs, about 50 of them and Q-tips where the ends had been all spread out / Kind of unusual I would think, and then I found a little glass skinny pipe that was fluted on one end of it. Really black on the inside and smelt horrible. Thanks for your help....

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    Question: Why after 5 months of being clean of ice do I still get cravings? How can I stop the cravings? What can I do to make the craving easier to deal with?...

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    Brain Cells

    Question: How does methamphetamine work on the brain and does it damage the cells?...

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