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    How Do I Keep From Losing My Lover to Meth?

    Question: Dear Michelle, I am unsure where to begin. I have been in a relationship for 3 years now. I love my fiance very much. He is a good man with a great work ethic and a kind heart. We only have one problem in our relationship.....his addiction. When we first got together, meth was not a factor. We moved back to his hometown and everything changed. He began using meth almost the instant we moved and his whole demeanor changed. He began cheating, something I never would have thought he'd do. He began staying out until all hours of the night. He never has any time for family or normal life because he is always chasing the next high. He has lost contact with his daughter and the once gentle calm reasonable man is now angry and aggressive and mean. He has quickly progressed from getting it and testing it for friends to smoking to shooting it at least 3 times a day. He hangs around and sleeps with all of these girls who are involved and makes excuses for why they are around. He is disrespectful to me and has no time for us but swears he is doing nothing wrong and doesn't see what he is doing to me. I have become very bitter and distrusting. I always think he is cheating and am resentful of the fact the life we once had together no longer exists. And yet I love him and can't leave. I am afraid every time he walks out the door that he will end up dead or in jail or leave me for some other girl that is ok with what he does. (As I have never done a single drug in my life) I am a constant nag and I don't like it but I don't know what else to do. I feel like by staying with him I am somehow enabling him but I feel if I leave I may miss out on the guy I used to know returning. What do I do? I don't know how to be there for him or help when I am so bitter about what he has done and become. He won't get help because he doesn't think his problem is any worse than a smoking or drinking problem....both of which he has as well. I am losing the man I love more every day and I don't know what to do. Please help....

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    Should I Stop Meth Cold Turkey or Seek Medical Supervision

    Question: I am a 48 year old woman. I have been doing meth for about5 years. I have been doing it every day for 15 years. I want to quit so bad but I am scared. There is times when I wake up I feel terrible as if I had a bad hang over. I hate it. I feel better after I use meth. I am scared that something bad will happen to me if I quit. Considering I have used meth for so many years. Meaning if I quit cold turkey is that bad for me or do I need help from a doctor. For example if you drink alcohol you need to be real careful when you detox. By: Jessica...

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    How Easy Can One Become Addicted to Meth?

    Question: How easy is it to get addicted to Meth? A close relative of mine admits to taking "hits" up to 5 times a week, however states that without a problem he can quit his intake and under no circumstances thinks he is addicted. He says he tried it before and was able to get off it for more than two months. Is it possible for someone to not be addicted to this drug, despite his "heavy use"? I want to help him, but am wondering if he really needs help as he clearly thinks it's just a matter of not taking any "hits" any longer. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you By: Dan...

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    Will I Be OK Now That I Stopped Using Meth?

    Question:Hi, I tried Meth for the first time in 4 years. This is only my 3rd time. I snorted it for the first time this time too. I did a little more than I should have. The come down was worse than I've experienced before. I started twitching really bad for a few minutes, and had shortness of breath. I could feel my body reacting to the Meth, you know? Like my body was rejecting it, and reacting to it. This happened twice, and the second time I decided to go to the doctor. I was really scared about telling the doctor that I did Meth. I didn't know what to do. I did go to the doctor and just told them I didn't feel good, and lied that I may have injected some poisonous household products. They gave me an IV to hydrate my body, and boost electrolytes. They checked my vital signs and said they were okay. I didn't experience anymore twitching/shortness of breath or painful body symptoms for the next 16 hours, as of now. Am I okay? I know now, that I CAN tell the doctor that I did Meth, with no dire consequences. Now that I'm no longer showing those extreme come down symptoms, am I going to be okay most likely? By: Kevin...

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    Dealing With My Partners Ongoing Struggle With Addiction

    Question: I am desperate to find some direction in a situation that has gone from bad to horrible, and now I feel completely defeated. My partner of over 20 years has an ongoing struggle with addiction. Her addiction to drugs became active about 7 years ago when my mom became terminally ill and I chose to be her primary caretaker. Mom was 1000 miles away from our home, so I had to maintain my part in two households by all aspects. As a result, my partner and I sacrificed most of our material things (boat, vacation home, etc.). The stress of it all led to her use of cocaine and opiates. That led to a binge where she almost died, only being saved by a 911 call. My solution was to pick up and move a few hours away to a town where her sister lives. We have struggled since. She has used different types of speed since we have been here and most recently, I suspected she was using meth. After educating myself about signs, symptoms and the related, it started looking like not only was she using meth, but possibly trying to make it. I confronted her, she denied using ANYTHING. She finally agreed to take an at home urine test. It showed positive for amphetamines. She said someone at work gave her a prescription diet pill a week and a half ago. I know this does not add up in relation to time, etc. I decided to put myself first since I knew she was using something and IF she was trying to make drugs, I did not want anything to do with her or the drugs. I called the city police and pretty much got dismissed, but threatened of personal. So I called the sheriff and in spite of their apparent "don't really care" attitude, they met me at our house and I showed them the things I was suspicious of. Their response was it could be, maybe, but probably not because there is no elaborate laboratory set up in the house. My partner came home while they were here and gave them the diet pill story and all was dismissed. In having nowhere to go, we both stayed at home. She decided she wanted to talk to me. She told me she did lie to me, that she had been taking these diet pills on a regular basis, but she did not see them as anywhere near being a problem... especially nothing like horrible meth. Supposedly she had not had anything in 4 days, but the signs of being high were so obvious even during our conversation. She said sorry, she said she wants to be clean; she said she knows she needs help... but she also expressed anger at me calling the authorities because now they will be watching our house and us. To me, that is not necessarily a bad thing because I would rather they watch the house; I have nothing to hide. It concerns me that she is bothered by it. Over the past 9+ months she has developed these severe muscle ticks and jerks in her shoulder, jaw and arms. Her thinking is rational one minute and irrational the next. Her anger is explosive and frequent. Her teeth are really bad yet she makes excuses to cancel dental appointments I've made for her. She has a part time job that pays her through a debit card account and makes excuses about why I can't keep a ledger of it or include it in our finances. She has these sinus "attacks" but only at certain times like when she comes out of the bathroom. I am now considered paranoid and down-right crazy by her family and the local law enforcement because they think I am falsely accusing her. Yet, none of them can explain all the signs and things that are present. I have spent the last couple of months looking for explanations that will disprove the possibility of her using drugs and especially the possibility of her making them. I have resigned myself to the fact that there is nothing more I can do but put up with all of it and pray that I at least have the argument of trying to report suspected illegal activity in my home in the event that drugs are eventually found. Am I wrong in thinking that there is more to the story than a few prescription diet pills her co-worker has given her? Does there have to be a science lab present for evidence that someone has tried to make drugs? Is there any way to test a suspicious residue (like a Damp Rid container that the crystals have turned a brown-orange color) I've found? Her family has put the idea in her head to get a hair follicle test done so that I can be proven as the "stupid, crazy, b-----" that I am; Is this test reliable and available for a personal test? Is there any mental disease (other than addiction) or defect that could mimic the signs of meth use and/or the effects of exposure to the residual elements and fumes from "cooking"? I really appreciate any information, direction or reference links you may have. Thanks, Dee...

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    Advice When Going to Visit a Friend or Loved One in Rehab

    Question: Hey Michelle, Thank you for taking the time out to answer my question. Tomorrow I'm going to visit one of my friends for the first time since he has been in rehab. I would like to know if you have any tips or advice on how I should approach the visit. Sorry for being vague, this is new to me. I just want to know what is the best strategy going into the visit and what I can do to help my friend. Thank you for your time, -Art...

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