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Ask Michelle - Questions & Answers about Meth Addiction and Recovery

Do you have questions about Methamphetamine addiction and recovery? Go ahead and submit your question or review discussions and answers below for questions asked by others.

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    Should I Stop Using Meth Cold Turkey and Without Professional Assistance?

    Question: I'm 51, and have been addicted to meth for the past 26yrs. I've been doing drugs for the past 35yrs. I really want to quit, is it possible for me to quit on my own? My boyfriend thinks I can....

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    Meth Cravings, Depression and Helpful Medications

    Question: What is the best pill to stop craving and put the happy back in my brain and What is the best anti deppresant to help stop the cravings? ...

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    Meth Mouth Dental Care and Financial Help

    Question: Hi michelle, i am a recovering meth addict 15 years sober. i have probally the worst case of meth mouth known to man. i cant afford insurance and most places wont hire me because i look so awful when i smile. i've been barely living off of unemployement for a year now. please do you know of any organizations that could help me with what i expect to be a large dental fee to fix my teeth? 15 years later and meth is STILL destorying my life....

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    Meth Use and Eyesight Damage

    Question: I have what seems to be moderately damaged eyesight from meth use...cant find any info on meth induced eyesight damage, just that it damages the part of the brain that pertains to eyesight, i need to know what part of the brain that is and any and all details on meth induced brain damage that causes eyesight problems?...

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    Meth Treatment and Insurance

    Question: We would like to know more about the processs, like how long, how much money and does ohp cover this. thank you for your time and consideration....

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    Meth Use and Stuffy Noses

    Question: I have been shooting up for about 13 years and recently when I use my nose gets really stuffed up.Why is this? By: Calgurl...

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