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Ask Michelle - Questions & Answers about Meth Addiction and Recovery

Do you have questions about Methamphetamine addiction and recovery? Go ahead and submit your question or review discussions and answers below for questions asked by others.

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    Medical Treatments That Reverse Damage Done to the Brain by Meth

    Question: I am a recovering addict of going on 5 years and still seem to have trouble with organization skills. When I was high, everything in my house was clean and in order. Now, it's like it's a struggle to keep everything together, even after 5 years. It's like I don't have motivation to do normal, everyday tasks that I know need to be done (dishes, laundry, etc.). Is there any advice that you can give me that might help me out? I have heard that there are new medical treatments that reverse the damage meth and other drugs have had on the brain, bringing the brain back to its original state. Please advise and thanks....

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    Concerned Mothers Questions About Proper Meth Abuse Treatment for 19 Yr. Old Daughter

    Question:Our 19 yr old daughter is in rehab right now and after 10 days seems to be doing well. I'm concerned that there is someone who specializes in meth, which is what she was taking IV use, on her treatment team. Where and how do we find a specialist or therapist who can help us understand and deal with the proper steps for treatment and recovery?...

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    YABA Tablets

    Question: What are YABA tablets and where do they come from?...

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    Work & Meth

    Question: I am an employer who suspects an employee of meth use. Can you tell me what the classic signs are so that I may help this person keep their job?...

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    Question: I have been using meth (ice) for over 6 months now, and now find myself just using to function normally throughout the day. I know this drug has me hooked. I need information on how to help alleviate or better cope with my withdrawal. What can I do?...

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    Weight Loss

    Question: How does meth cause you to lose weight? What does it do to your body that makes it lose the weight? Do you still lose weight even though you eat normal daily meals?...

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