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Ask Michelle - Questions & Answers about Meth Addiction and Recovery

Do you have questions about Methamphetamine addiction and recovery? Go ahead and submit your question or review discussions and answers below for questions asked by others.

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    Snorting Meth

    Question: Does snorting meth do any physical damage to the nasal passages or any other part of the body involved in snorting? If so are these damages permanent?...

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    Speed Bumps

    Question: Some friends and I snort ice. A few of us are breaking out in dark bumps on our arms, back, legs, and chest. These things look like black heads or pimples. What is doing this? And how do we get them to go away?...

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    Smoking Meth & Your Lungs

    Question: I was told not to hold the meth in when I smoke it. What happens when it recrystallizes in your lungs?...

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    Question: I need help getting to sleep, what can I take?...

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    Signs of Meth Use

    Question: What does a person who uses meth, use to smoke or inhale it? I'm saying this not because I'm an addict but because I know a friend who says he does meth and I would like to know what to look for in his room for proof that he actually uses it so I can get him help....

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    Signs of IV Meth Use

    Question: What are the symptoms of intravenous use of ice?...

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