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Ask Michelle - Questions & Answers about Meth Addiction and Recovery

Do you have questions about Methamphetamine addiction and recovery? Go ahead and submit your question or review discussions and answers below for questions asked by others.

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    Sex & Meth

    Question: Does it make you feel sexual?...

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    Safe Injection Practices

    Question: I am an active user. I think there should be some kind of 'safe using' section for us users who use the needle, harm-reduction essentially, info about abscesses, where to hit, and where not to. I know it's not a meth specific topic but many of us use the point, and I feel it would fit well with the rest of the info. Can you help?...

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    Recovery Options

    Question: Is meth a drug that somebody can quit cold turkey, or should they do it slowly?...

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    Michelle Questions Submitted The Week of April 11th, 2011

    Question: Can meth kill you the first time? Why?...

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    Reasons People Use Meth

    Question: What are the reasons that someone uses meth in the first place?...

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    For those that want to stop using meth there necessary steps to take which will help you maintain abstinence while you're recovering from your meth addiction. Using meth destroys your health and many people are not only addicted to meth but have health issues because of their use. If you are a chronic meth user a substance abuse treatment program may be necessary to make sure the detoxification process is safe and comfortable. Chronic meth users quite often need behavioral therapies and other forms of treatment during their recovery process. Treatment centers are equipped to help you in all areas of your life that need to be addressed and treated....

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