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Meth Addict's Personal Stories

Personal Stories of Meth Abuse, Drug Addiction, Crystal Methamphetamine Addict's and the ones they affect.

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    I Can Quit When I Want

    I Can Quit When I Want I am a methamphetamine addict. It would be more precise to say, "I was an addict." I quit using September 14, 2001. I am very ashamed of what I did for five years. It has taken its toll on me and millions of others. I was using one to two grams of glass per week intravenously. I am now in an intensive outpatient program. I go to therapy every day, individual counseling on a weekly basis and medical psychiatric counseling every other week. Meth addiction is very difficult to control and nearly impossible to stop....

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    Abusing Meth to Relieve My Depression

    Abusing Meth to Relieve My Depression Hello! I am Alexdee and I'm an addict (recovering). I'm 21 years old. I live with my Mother, Father, and 15 year old brother. I live in the San Gabriel Valley in California....

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    I Can Control My Meth Habit

    I Can Control My Meth Habit My name is Ian; I am from California originally but now live in Israel my uncle and his family. I'm twenty-four years old and have been using drugs since my early teen years, I'd like people to read my story just too see how far these drugs can take you and how much pain they can cause not only to you but everyone who cares about you. I'd also like to convey that there is definitely hope in this addiction battle we are all fighting in one way or another....

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    The Pain in Their Voices

    The Pain in Their Voices I started using when I was about 18 1/2 years old. It all started out really innocent. I didn't grow up around users. I grew up with my mom and step-dad and my younger brother (1 year younger). We had a very normal childhood. We all had dinner at the table every night together. My brother and I had to ask to be excused from the table; we had holidays with the family. My mom made us our Halloween costumes. My brother played little league and I was in the girl scouts. I was very shy growing up....

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    Living The Dream Without Meth

    Living The Dream Without Meth I moved from Utah to California to be with my best friend. I had high hopes for this move. I felt that it would be a great opportunity for me to progress in life so I packed my things, quit my job, left my family and friends and drove to South Orange County. I didn't find out until I got here that my best friend was addicted to cocaine. I had been doing drugs recreationally for a long time and had never had a problem at keeping it at that. I did coke with him right away and did it quite a lot, but when I realized how addicted he was, I got really scared....

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    There Is Life After Meth

    There Is Life After Meth I am an addict. I think that I have always been an addict looking back but maybe not. I think that I will always be an addict although I hate to put myself in a box. Maybe I should say that I will always have to be mindful of myself, and continue making choices that don't involve drugs. This is my story... I have to start at the beginning because I don't know where else to start! I'll try to keep it simple though.......

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Current and Recovering Addicts personal stories about struggles of meth addiction to their success and recovery. Your stories will be posted online if approved.

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