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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

Methamphetamine affects every one's life differently and for the worst. Methamphetamines tear families apart by killing friends and loved ones, destroying addict's health or just by causing addicts to pull away from the people they love. Some individuals that are affected by meth express their feelings best through poems. We wanted to share some of these poems with you.

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    The Children of Chaos

    Lost in a dream world, a snow covered wonderland, Our Crystalline goddess led us each by the hand. Still drenched in reality we got lost in a fantasy, We gladly let go of our last bit of sanity. Ever so seductively she revealed the way, Now slaves to her ecstasy we knelt to pray. No longer were we part of this world you see, Enraptured by her beauty, in her worship we were free. Dazzled by her charms we were blind to her game, Once embraced as her children, we were never the same. We did all her biddings; we spread her good word, From the mouths of babes, on the wings of bird. Working endless days turned to sleepless nights, Apathetic creatures too weak to fight. Our minds were tired and our hearts were sore, A knowing goddess sat smiling and asked for more. In silent anguish, we laughed and played, With youth and innocence our debt was paid. Ninilicious, Los Angeles, California, USA...

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    You Should Have Ran

    You're her man, you got to taste her but you should have ran. She's coming for you honey. Crystal knows you're her man, you've chosen her to replace your wife. She's the #1 woman now in your life; she's all sparkles and dressed in white. I see it in your eyes, she's your delight with her you'll stay busy and completely awake, Everyone but her seems so fake she'll get you high, an awesome buzz....

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    I takes your mind, it takes your soul Your time is up, you've lost control There's no where left for you to turn This is a lesson you must learn To think before you ask is key If you want to have a family Don't act then think, or lose it all Just one time and you will fall The price you pay to Mrs. Meth Is suffering, pain, or even death Why do you do this to yourself Just come and seek your loved ones help It's only then they'll understand The lonesome pain of one lost man They cannot help if they don't know You can't do it alone, you can't let go At 13 years, it happened to me Meth came into my family My cousin, my hero and my best friend The one I'd look up to until the end But now that he has lost his mind It is too hard for him to find The person that he used to be My hero, my idol, my family Alyssa G., Port Hope, Ontario, Canada...

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    Back Again

    Here's a story I'm gonna tell about a lady I know too well She's been my life, almost my death her lovely name is CRYSTAL METH You may know her by other names but what she's taught is still the same Her lessons have been hard to learn or maybe you haven't had your turn...

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    Don't Lose Hope

    Drowning in a whirlpool A world I chose So many more paths So many better choices But I chose this one Nothing good has come of it I know I have talent I know who I really am If I just dare To be the person I know I am I know I can change...

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    In Need of Just One True Friend

    My problems now had got real bad the loss of my loved ones had left me beyond sad. I ran to an "ol" friend I call dope she took away my fears and gave me false hope. No time now to sit and mope. She gave me strength that wasn't real, covered wounds that wouldn't heal. Got me through it day by day now forced to find another way. Alone at night I would pray. Will this hurt ever end? Will my heart ever mend? On what now can I depend? What I need now is one true friend. Marti Bennett, Clackamas, Oregon, USA...

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