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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

Methamphetamine affects every one's life differently and for the worst. Methamphetamines tear families apart by killing friends and loved ones, destroying addict's health or just by causing addicts to pull away from the people they love. Some individuals that are affected by meth express their feelings best through poems. We wanted to share some of these poems with you.

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    The Way Home

    From the darkness down the hall. Faintly heard the devil calls. Thoughts that haunt. You can't forget. Whisper promises in dark silhouette. The wish for truth is deep inside. Instead above are lingering lies. She went down in what seemed a moment. Resistance thinned in growing torment. Seconds ticked away the final hour. Taking away all choice and power. Taste the freedom. In the white magic. Relief begins and soon turns tragic. Where did all the confusion begin? And what was the cause of the original sin? Was there anyone who really loved her? Angels cry out in heaven above her. There is no way to have it all. On the floor soul lifelessly crawl. The only way home is through the fires of hell. Will she make it? There is no way to tell. LH...

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    For Me

    Sweet Jackie with those big brown eyes, can you come out and play?...

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    You Can Try

    You can try to control me, but I run this show Try to play me, and I'll play you, homes...

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    I feel so far down, I'm stuck in a hole. I feel my soul lifting higher and higher. I leave all my painful memories and regrets down in the hole. I turn around and start to walk away, as I glance down in that hole, I shiver and am thankful for my new soul. Lex...

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    Be OK

    I'm losing my mind, I cant fuckin hang My life's constant chaos, shits gots to change...

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    She's part of me till death do us part, I try to stay away but she some how finds me on my weakest day, 'remeber you came to me, not I to you', is what she always says, I know it's true. She makes my worries go away even if its just a distorted haze. Her breath makes everything better and makes me believe I couldnt survive anyother way. So I sway. Once the siren's song is in my head I almost wish I was dead, these thoughts fill me with dread, I know, no, I feel her luring me farther away from my bed. The Lady's a part of me, I guess I'll just have to live each day and try to survive. There's a part of me that tries to fight, but on the most part I wish she'd go away; Posess someone else for a day. Its sad after everything I've been through, She's knows I'm hear to stay. Dawn...

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