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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

Methamphetamine affects every one's life differently and for the worst. Methamphetamines tear families apart by killing friends and loved ones, destroying addict's health or just by causing addicts to pull away from the people they love. Some individuals that are affected by meth express their feelings best through poems. We wanted to share some of these poems with you.

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    My Husband

    My husband used to love me He cared so much for me Now he's always away from home Far away from his family Crystal took him away from us And we miss him so very bad But even when he is around He's not the same man we once had And when he's home he's with the guys That he says are his friends But he's just the man who shares his dope Will he see this when it ends I miss my husband oh so much And the four kids miss their dad All the neglect that we've felt Do you think he might feel bad And although he leaves us all the time Broke and without food We know that he will soon return When he's in a come-down mood I plea and beg then sit and cry For him not to leave this time But he turns away not looking back And says he'll be back sometime Now it's time to tell the kids To say daddy left once more But they already know, they're used to it How much must they endure Late at night I stare out the window Hoping tonight he will come home Uncontrollably crying cause it hurts God I feel so alone And I will soon find out That outside my bedroom door Are my four little children wondering What's mama crying for I want my husband back And the kids NEED their dad Honey if you come home I promise I won't say nothing to make you mad Will you ever open your eyes And will you ever see That all we even want from you Is for you to be the man you used to be By: Ladonna Alvare...

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    Walk Away From Me

    This is my last ditch attempt to reach you This is all killing me inside I look around and see the chaos in our lives And my eyes are open very wide. You said "Walk away from me, I'm only going to hurt you Walk away from me; I will only make you cry Walk away from me; I am only going to hurt you Walk away from me and just let me die". I think of all the years I've watched you drown your pain Come up to surface and then drown yourself again I've always kept the hope that someday you will see the light But the water is over my head, and I'm scared I cannot win this fight. You said "Walk away from me, I'm only going to hurt you Walk away from me, I told you from the start Walk away from me; I will only bring you sadness Walk away from me I will only break your heart". Some people bury all their troubles in a bottle Some people choose to stick a needle in their arm When I saw you I thought Love was what you needed But all you want to do is die and I was wrong. I wish I could walk away from you, you only know to hurt me Walk away from you, you only make me cry Walk away from you, you only bring me sorrow Walk away from you, loving you is killing me inside. Tracy C....

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    Power and Glory

    A GUILT FELT SHAME All of which makes for a heart full Of pain THE CONSEQUENCES I SUFFER From playing cruel games MY LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME The only story I've Left to tell is that Of my self-created HELL K.B.A....

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    Crystal, I love you, can't live without you. Crystal you call for a pistol. You destroy me slowly, to kill me only So much life you owe me! I love you crystal. Where are you Crystal? You're not around Crystal! Now I want a pistol It's all your fault Crystal! Straight to the head, blood I will Shed, then I'll be dead lying in my bed NO! I'll leave you instead. Easier said, it'll never be done You're just too much fun. You truly have won Crystal, California...

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    A captive in her web although, you'll swear with your last breath. That she does not imprison you. This spider of meth-death. No one has ever known you. Like she has, in your life. Her tricky web envelopes. The pain, the ache, the strife. At first she strokes you gently. She spins her web with care. She wraps that silk around you. 'Til you're no longer there. She feigns her love with passion. She wraps you in regret, She gets inside you gracefully, and now you see the threat. You have become the spider. Your mind an iced delight. Her web no longer comforts in. The painful dead of night. She crawls to you in double-time. Now blocking out the sun. And when she steals your soul, your life. You know that you've been spun. By Velvet...

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    On the Dark Side

    I wanted to be on the darkish since the sixth grade when I look back it was my biggest mistake. As the years went by in a short time I was in out of jail living a big waste of time. And now I just regret and look back when I first fuck myself smoking twak then I sold my soul to the devil and it got thrown in his sack, and now I'm in it to deep and there's no way to come back. Ever since then it's been nothing but pain 24/7 smoking my brain cells insane. Making mama cry for me every night I pray to da lord to show me the light. So hard for me to say no and give up this life. Why in the hell did I want to stay up with Lucifer's wife. My life has crumbled and mouthafuck all my friends they nothing but backstabbers liars and fakes when they were down and needed my help I was there, but now I see that they weren't trying to play fair. If you look in my eyes you dont even need to look deep its cause of tweaking my face looks grim and weak. My mama is still crying now going through physical pain why can't she at least not get poured on by rain. I'm so fucking stupid for trying this dope now I'm addicted to my own misery with no hope. All these beginners think this shit is fun will some motherfucker please let borrow their gun. Show these rookie beginners sometimes how you feel when your spuned. That's right a mad man depressed puts the gun to his head now all off a sudden the walls with the shadows are red. Mom don't be sad and please don't cry I'm seriously changing i hope it's no lie. Now i will be strong and tough and take control of my life and if the devil has a problem with that I'm gonna fuck him in the ass with a knife. Not the end 24/7 living in twacky insane mental twakheads clucks wasted days wasted nights no changes but still praying. Anon....

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