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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

Methamphetamine affects every one's life differently and for the worst. Methamphetamines tear families apart by killing friends and loved ones, destroying addict's health or just by causing addicts to pull away from the people they love. Some individuals that are affected by meth express their feelings best through poems. We wanted to share some of these poems with you.

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    Dire Addiction

    It gives me life, but it brings me death. It is my best friend, but it is my worst enemy. It makes me happy, but it brings me sorrow. It helps me get through the day, but it makes life not worth living. It gives me strength, but it makes me weak. It helps me think, but it makes me lose my mind. It helps me get ready, but it makes me ugly. It makes me hot, but it makes me cold. It gives me energy, but it gives me no motivation. It helps me love, but it makes me hate. It makes me popular, but it makes me alone. It helps me to see clearly, but it makes me blind. It makes me creative, but it destroys me dreams. It makes me immortal, but it brings me fatality. It gives me hope, but it makes life hopeless. It gives me control, but it controls me. It gave me peace, but it took it all away. It is my addiction, but it is my downfall. It is my everything, but it is nothing! B.F....

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    Tainted Glass

    When I met you I knew you were sent from above, Time together was cherished; I called you "sweet love" Then I saw you through glass, how clear it was then, As the smoke swirled and rose from the crystal within. I had not a care in the world with you by my side, We were soul mates, lovers, with nothing to hide. But as the smoke filled the glass again & again, The glass became tainted, no longer our friend. I've begged you to see it, so hard have I tried, Now faced with our daughter, I've sat down and cried. This gift I've been given from Heaven above, Deserves not only a mothers, but a fathers great love. I love you so dearly, oh why can't you see, The life we could share, how wonderful it could be? Has the smoke on the glass become so very thick, That you no longer see through it? Are you that very sick?! Where is my "sweet love" that I loved long ago? So dirty and tainted and stained by the blow? I feel that I've lost you, because I can't compete, With that white smokey smokey that makes your life complete. You say that you hate me; I've ruined your life, But is it me that's ruined you or the smoke from the pipe? Our daughters to be born in three months to pass, But will she ever see her father untainted by the glass? K.H....

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    Sweet Disorder

    Snorting the powder, though you swore to stop. Rolling on a high, as you drive by the cops. Chancing your life, like death you'll soon hit. And your life in jeopardy, you seem to omit. Fear of hitting bottom, the tears fall from your eyes. You bleed of addiction, but the world ignores your cries. For they don't feed the hungry, that lives for their obsession. That'd be crediting those, who haven't yet changed their direction. With all the pain this obsession brings, it seems you'd have realized by now. That your hunger causes death, someway somehow. But you continue to roll, each time you're high needing more juice. It's becoming too much of a habit, that your soul's turning loose. Letting go of your life, for the pain's too strong. And a change in habit's too hard, for it's been a habit too long. Fear is still exerted, converging from up to down. For once you're pricked with addiction; you're left with no way out. You struggle to breathe, but you're left with images unknown. You block the evil, out but without it you're on your own. Powder still being snorted; drive bys still on the high. The bottoms near ahead and your life in jeopardy is no lie. This addiction has left you bleeding, with no limit when to cease. So you continue leading life, to this obsession your soul to keep. Tiffany...

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    Take Control

    You left to make a change, but found that it's the same, So you turned yourself around, and back again you came. What do you do now, now that you are here. Back on that same road, I'm disappointed dear. At times I know it's hard, to keep yourself on track, When discipline and will power, are two things that you lack. The problem that you have will never go away, You have to learn to take control, because that problem is here to stay. Just keep in mind your Dreams and watch the path you follow TAKE CONTROL IT'S YOUR LIFE YOU MAKE OF WHAT'S TOMORROW! kerri-lynn...

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    Silent Screams

    Silent scream and a wanting stair, About the dreams no longer there; The painful touchier we put ourselves thru; Not to say what it did to you, Trapped inside our racing minds Praying for better times! D.I....

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    I Used to Be a Tweeker - Sid

    I used to be a tweeker Never had to sleep I used to be a tweeker Turned into a creep I used to be a tweeker Those hits I took-'like wow!' I used to be a tweeker If you could see me now I used to be a tweeker Had the bombest shit in town I used to be a tweeker Kids would steal before come down I used to be a tweeker Make it? Sure, what the hell! I used to be a tweeker Convicted? Hmmm oh well I used to be a tweeker My lawyer can confirm I used to be a tweeker Doing a 3-year prison term. Ninilicious, Los Angeles, California, USA...

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