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Letters from Crystal Meth Users

Many of our viewers have written letters talking about their own personal experiences with crystal meth use and dependency. People of all ages have found their way into the destructive path of crystal meth addiction. They have experienced devastating consequences due to their use and addiction to methamphetamines like crystal meth. Reading user letters will give you clear insight of just how serious and dangerous crystal meth is and how it destroys a person mentally, emotionally and physically. Meth addiction destroys the user as well as those who love and care about them.

Many have found their way to sobriety and the freedom of living life drug free and we thank them for sharing their inspirational triumphant stories with us. User letters from viewers will also give you hope and encouragement if you're living with your own addiction to crystal meth or know someone who is. As powerful and serious as crystal meth addiction is recovery is possible and these letters are proof that's there's life and happiness after methamphetamine addiction.

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    Finally Clean

    I am not addicted Nope not me. I can control my drug use. I am 19 and going places. I am in collage for God's sake coming from a perfect family of doctors and lawyers. I believe in God. I am a Catholic and thus far, drugs have been nothing but good to me. I am scared. I can't stop. I just got home from France. It's been two weeks since I have even smoked pot. I want to smoke some shit. I want to smoke a bowl. I want to do some drugs. Why? Why can't I be content with how things are right now?...

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    This is a good site for recovering Meth addicts like me. I'm telling that fucking shadow world is really fucked. I've been clean for about 3 weeks now. It's hard the cravings get intense. Sometimes I was a fiend I did whatever to stay on that jib. I don't what to go back my face is finally starting to heal as is just the cravings. Anyway, if I could get some feedback about paranoia. PLEASE, it's bad. I think the whole world is out to get me and I don't know I sound pretty fucked anyways PEACE out. No More Meth...

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    Proud to Be Called Mommy

    I'm almost 25 years old and my boys will be 6 and 2 in August. I was so in love with this man that I ignored the fact that I had a son and went out partying with this guy every day. I lost my job and everyone I loved who tried to warn me. A month after we were together we found out I was pregnant. Well, when I told him I could not go through with an abortion he freaked out and said he wasn't ready for this and I should've believed him and walked away then, but I didn't. I stayed with him trying to convince myself that eventually he would come around, and he did, for a while....

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    I Made a Decision

    Hello, I just wanted to share my story, and that I have decided not to use meth any longer. I was and am now six years clean of cocaine and heroin, but I can say I never touched a needle at least...but last August, in 2002, I met a guy who became my boyfriend. He was, at the time, a month and a half clean. Me, I was on five years and I had never really done meth before, except twice when I was about 18 or 19 and I didn’t really like it much, so I never did it again. My BF was doing concrete making $23 an hour and he was the nicest, sweetest guy I had ever met especially compared to my past relationships. Then, about a month or two into our relationship, he relapsed and I went down with him. It’s now going on the end of May and I just ended our relationship this morning. He was staying with me and my mom, and we were to get our own place. The landlord ended up kicking him out of the building and he is now on the streets with nowhere to go or live....

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    Gaining My Wings

    One day I was sitting smoking my pipe, when I heard a voice say: "Lay it down." What will I do? I don't want to give up my wings, I can fly. But, it was all in my dreams. Feeling sick, feeling weak, and even scared. But I kept puffing away at the crystal clear. I thought it was GOOD. I thought it was GREAT. I thought this would be my Crystal Fate. But I looked around, I could not fly. Then I asked myself: "WHY?" I had no reason to keep dreaming so I laid it down. I am 16 and GAINING MY WINGS to fly with the right crowd. Beverly...

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    If You Are Struggling With Addiction

    My name is Carissa and I am a recovering meth addict. I guess I should start at the beginning of my life. I had a rough childhood. My earliest memories are of watching my older sister go through drug treatment and running away from home. I was always very scared for her and wanted to protect her. So early on in life I was educated about drugs. It didn't stop me from choosing to go down the same road. I started stealing alcohol from my friend's dad‚s fridge when I was 13. We would sneak across the field and drink some beers. I liked the feeling it gave me but more then that I liked that I was getting away with something that I knew was wrong. I drank occasionally until I got into high school and was friends with people who could drive. Then drinking became an every weekend event....

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These are personal stories of life and challenges you may have gone through in your battles with Methamphetamine's. Or if you are a loved one or somebody who's life has been touched or altered due to an addiction. Your stories will be posted online if approved.

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