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Letters from Crystal Meth Users

Many of our viewers have written letters talking about their own personal experiences with crystal meth use and dependency. People of all ages have found their way into the destructive path of crystal meth addiction. They have experienced devastating consequences due to their use and addiction to methamphetamines like crystal meth. Reading user letters will give you clear insight of just how serious and dangerous crystal meth is and how it destroys a person mentally, emotionally and physically. Meth addiction destroys the user as well as those who love and care about them.

Many have found their way to sobriety and the freedom of living life drug free and we thank them for sharing their inspirational triumphant stories with us. User letters from viewers will also give you hope and encouragement if you're living with your own addiction to crystal meth or know someone who is. As powerful and serious as crystal meth addiction is recovery is possible and these letters are proof that's there's life and happiness after methamphetamine addiction.

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    Letter To Mom

    This is the second time I've done this with hopefully the same point coming across. I fell down. I knew I was going to, I just didn't know when. I've let and actually pushed my life downwards into what appears to be a never-ending spiral. But help came to me at a time I felt that nothing would get better. And I dealt with some issues. And life, for once in a long time, didn't seem hopeless....

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    Learning to Eat Right to Become Dopamine Efficient

    It was while visiting this website that I first came to terms with the fact that I have a problem with meth. Since that day, I have spent just about every spare moment drilling down into the chemical science and physiology behind this drug, as I have a background in science and medicine and actually found all of this just as scientifically fascinating for me as it was horrific and sobering....

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    I'm 19 years old. I started messing with crystal meth when I was 15. The 1st drug and only drug I used. I don't consider myself addicted, because I do it when it's there, when I have money with no hassle. The only reason I do it, is to LOSE WEIGHT {stupid reason huh!}. I don't want to be fat. My reason for feeling guilt is because I have always done it with my cousin she introduced us; because she always had it. I've been doing it for 4 years, but I have never done nothing scandalous (sleep with anyone, sell my body, steal) nothing like that to get it....

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    Admissions of a Life Addict

    It hurts to write. Part of me wants to hide and hover in the dark corners of my mind; to lie to you; to me; to everyone, and say that I'm doing just fine. Emptiness is nothing; it's the loneliness that stings. I blame myself because I realize I was looking for an addiction all along. I always seemed to find the anodynes to nurture that romanticized state of being tragic. That special place of darkness where all the tortured artists, musicians and writers breathed....

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    Don't End Up Like ME

    When I was 13 I tried out smoking weed with a girlfriend of mine who was popular, fun, and I never really liked it that much it didn't give me much of a high. But I did it anyway, to be cool, to show off. I never bought it; my first serious boyfriend sold it and always gave me some. He wasn't good to me; eventually he mentally/emotionally, physically, and sexually abused me. He slept with another girl while he was with me, and then apparently left me for her....

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    Clean But Jonezin

    I have been clean for a lot of months and I am jonezin' so bad today that I am mentally strapping my body to a bed not to go out and get some. I have moved away from where I used to live as a tweaker freaker, but I know I live in the midst of all of it. Now I can tell who does it, and that sucks! I have managed to find a semi-successful job that I love and even a relationship that I know has the possibilities of a great future! Finding this website today helped me a lot. It reminded me of all the demons that aren't in my head right now. I used to see fake people, and hide in my own house, and I want to DO IT AGAIN? My body had sores, my face was a mess, I couldn't even speak a proper sentence, and I want to DO IT AGAIN?...

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These are personal stories of life and challenges you may have gone through in your battles with Methamphetamine's. Or if you are a loved one or somebody who's life has been touched or altered due to an addiction. Your stories will be posted online if approved.

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