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Letters from Crystal Meth Users

Many of our viewers have written letters talking about their own personal experiences with crystal meth use and dependency. People of all ages have found their way into the destructive path of crystal meth addiction. They have experienced devastating consequences due to their use and addiction to methamphetamines like crystal meth. Reading user letters will give you clear insight of just how serious and dangerous crystal meth is and how it destroys a person mentally, emotionally and physically. Meth addiction destroys the user as well as those who love and care about them.

Many have found their way to sobriety and the freedom of living life drug free and we thank them for sharing their inspirational triumphant stories with us. User letters from viewers will also give you hope and encouragement if you're living with your own addiction to crystal meth or know someone who is. As powerful and serious as crystal meth addiction is recovery is possible and these letters are proof that's there's life and happiness after methamphetamine addiction.

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    Meth Is Like an Old Boyfriend

    Meth is like an old boyfriend. Once you have really let it go. And before you are fully into someone else - you get flashbacks and memories. Sometimes missing it and sometimes hating it. Since I have now cut all my ties. It's weird, when I remember people and things we did, I get this feeling unlike any other memory. And no matter what face or what time I am thinking of - there's always the same feeling. Partly fear and partly empty and distant, maybe cause I moved away. And even more, I'm not sure how to describe it, maybe you already know....

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    Lost In Hell

    All I know, is I need help. I can't say it to many more times. I am lost and I miss me. I love myself. I love the girl I know the one that no longer can find my head. I fucked up. I can't do this anymore. I need to get help and fast before I no longer see it for myself. If there is a God; I call upon his name no father help me, for I have sinned. I sold my soul to the devil and he will not let it go. If I would have only known....

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    Recovering Addict's Thoughts

    Although I had been a cocaine and marijuana user for over 10 years, meth completely devastated my life in a little over 8 months. Losing 40 pounds and a family and a job was not the worst of it: at the end, I had lost my self-respect....

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    My Number One Frind is My Biggest Enemy

    I started off by smoking weed at the age of 12. I told myself that was it that's the only drug I'll do. Then at the age of fourteen my buddy tells me about this drug (Meth) that gives you a feeling that can't be explained. "It's the best" he says. I thought this was a drug that I couldn't pass up. So we go over to a buddy's house and they start feeding me hoots. I felt great. The sensation was better than happiness. So I thought. I wasn't able to get it on a regular basis at that time so it was here and there that I did it....

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    Meth Abuse and Calcium Supplements

    I was a regular poster to the meth board for about for a year and a half, and like T. I needed a break from thinking about meth, it really got to me. Since I have been clean for nine months, besides the three heart attacks I suffered while using meth, I have developed a new medical condition called Drug Induced Osteoporosis. It is caused by Meth absorbing calcium; it is why so many meth addicts lose their teeth. I was an especially heavy user who snorted or smoked 1/4 an ounce a day of pure glass. I am in extreme pain every second of the day, some days are better than others, some days I cannot walk at all. My pelvis and hips, spine, and shoulders are greatly deteriorated. I am not an 80 year old woman, but a 24 year old man. The condition is reversible, but please if you are using or do not use anymore it is a good idea to start taking 2 x 600 milligrams of calcium a day just to keep yourself healthy, so once you quit you do not get my agonizingly painful bone disorder. Take care, as always, D....

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    Loosing Oscar

    I met this wonderful man named Oscar and he was my life! He would do anything and everything for me. He proposed to me and we got married after three years of being together. Six months after getting married, he started coming home at around 3 am and I was so upset and depressed. I thought he was cheating on me with a woman. I found out he was cheating on me alright with a drug named "Tina." Of course I had never used drugs before so I didn't know the signs but all I knew is that he needed help. He went to rehab and to meetings and he even went to jail for distribution of Meth....

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These are personal stories of life and challenges you may have gone through in your battles with Methamphetamine's. Or if you are a loved one or somebody who's life has been touched or altered due to an addiction. Your stories will be posted online if approved.

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