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Letters from Crystal Meth Users

Many of our viewers have written letters talking about their own personal experiences with crystal meth use and dependency. People of all ages have found their way into the destructive path of crystal meth addiction. They have experienced devastating consequences due to their use and addiction to methamphetamines like crystal meth. Reading user letters will give you clear insight of just how serious and dangerous crystal meth is and how it destroys a person mentally, emotionally and physically. Meth addiction destroys the user as well as those who love and care about them.

Many have found their way to sobriety and the freedom of living life drug free and we thank them for sharing their inspirational triumphant stories with us. User letters from viewers will also give you hope and encouragement if you're living with your own addiction to crystal meth or know someone who is. As powerful and serious as crystal meth addiction is recovery is possible and these letters are proof that's there's life and happiness after methamphetamine addiction.

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    Blind To The Dangers of Meth

    Meth was so dangerous to me, because I didn't see how dangerous it really was. The first time I used meth, I smoked it for free, and in that first time, I probably smoked it about 10 times. That first time went on for about 2 days. I couldn't sleep I could eat but I didn't want to I just wanted to smoke more. My body really just wanted to sleep, because after I finally started coming down I felt incredibly tired. Still couldn't sleep so instead of sleeping, I kept smoking....

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    Former Crank User

    I have been reading all of the letters and all I can say to help anyone is when you decide to get clean and stay clean. STAY AWAY FROM ANYONE WHO DOES ANY KIND OF DRUGS!! Being around these kinds of people will inevitably cause a relapse! I have been clean for a little over a month and staying away from these people has been so hard. Especially when I get bored or someone comes over to the house not only did I have to break up with "crystal". I had to break up with all those "friends" who welcomed her into their life. I hope and pray that I will stay clean and ultimately with God I KNOW that I can! I can honestly say this has been the hardest month of my life but I want a normal life. I have three children who deserve so much more than what they were getting! I want to find the person I used to be before crank. I want to be me again and, yes, believe it or not I would rather be fat than strung out like I was. I’ve gained 25 lbs. since I’ve been clean and I don’t care! I hope reading this has helped someone because I know just how hard it is. I was actually browsing the meth sites to find out how much longer I have to deal with these withdrawals and strong cravings, the article I read said the first three months are the hardest. One down and two more to go just take it one day at a time and pray for the strength you will need and stay away from people and places where drugs are going to be. God bless! Alicia...

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    Dead End Street

    Hi, I am a 14 year old meth user. It is true what they say, it will take over your life, and make you not care. Trust me, I have been there. I have been using meth for almost 2 years now. I started because all my friends were using and I thought it would make me cool. It continued like that for the first 8 to 9 months then it became something I had to have a food or drink you know a kind of vitamin something to keep me running. Now I am trying to get off of it and can't because it is still like that if I don't have it, I get so irritated and ill that I don't want to be around anyone. If I am on it, I still don't want to be around anyone, because I think everyone knows I am on it. So I am stuck with a lot of money gone toward an addiction that I hate. My body was once a healthy at 115 lbs. before I started using and now is only 92 lbs. I can't gain any weight; I used to be solid muscle. I played volleyball, skated, and ran track. Now all I do is ditch school and wonder were the next hit is coming from and how I can get my life back. So if any young people out there think it is the cool thing to do. You are wrong Very wrong. Stay away from it, if you don't want to listen to your parents or teachers, listen to someone your own age. IT IS A DEAD END STREET. Leigh...

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These are personal stories of life and challenges you may have gone through in your battles with Methamphetamine's. Or if you are a loved one or somebody who's life has been touched or altered due to an addiction. Your stories will be posted online if approved.

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