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Ask Michelle - Questions & Answers about Meth Addiction and Recovery

  • May

    Can I Kick The Meth Habit?

    I have been on meth for several years and would like to get off of it as my family are very supportive and know and want me to get back to my good health. I feel that way, too, but can I kick this habit?

    Meth is a very addictive drug as you have found out. When it comes to addiction every individual is different. Some people have more addictive personalities than others so their addiction to a substance may be stronger than another person's making it harder for them to get clean and stay clean.

    You can kick this meth addiction if you want to. No one can do this for you. In order for you to recover from this addiction and not relapse you must first be willing and want to get clean. You can't be doing this for anyone other than you or you're not going to be successful.

    You need to find a treatment center preferably away from your current area as this will allow you to start fresh and truly heal your mind, body and soul. If you stay in your current area there are too many temptations and distractions that can cause you to relapse. DO NOT try to cold turkey this and detox yourself. Make sure you detox under the care of a professional.

    Studies have found that addict's who find a treatment center or detox facility in another state have a higher success rate than those that stay close to home.

    Make sure you go through therapy while going through treatment. There are so many reasons an addict may have started using drugs whether it's bi-polar disorder, depression disorder, stress, traumatic experience, ect. Some addicts have a disorder but do not know so they don't seek treatment and they turn to drugs instead. You have to treat both the mental and the physical health effects in order to succeed and not relapse.

    Also during therapy be 100% honest about any negative things you may have done while using. For example: If you stole from friends or family to support your habit. Studies show the more open and honest an addict is the more they succeed because it's all out in the open and they don't feel like they are hiding things from friends or family. Nor do they feel like they are being dishonest or feel guilty. Those type feelings can cause an addict to relapse. So Please Be Honest.

    Find a support group. It's great if your friends and family are supportive as their support will help make you a stronger person during your recovery. However you need to find an actual support group so that you have other individuals you can talk to whom can relate to what you're going to go through and what you have already gone through.

    Have your home cleaned real good while you're in the treatment facility. That gives you a fresh start from the moment you get home.

    In my opinion you can succeed and get clean but you have to want it.

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