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  • Mar

    Chemical Exposure - Children Exposed to a Meth Lab and Treatment

    What are the effects on children when exposed to home manufacture of crystal Meth? What treatment is available for the children? My daughter is now in jail for manufacturing and possession. What is the recommended treatment for my daughter's use of crystal meth?

    There are many serious and dangerous effects associated with meth lab production and children. Chemical contamination, explosions, and fires are some of the more serious dangers. Children inhale the toxic fumes and chemicals that are used when cooking meth. The vapors when inhaled are extremely dangerous. Dangerous chemicals get spilled and physical contact with hands, feet or any other area of the body can get absorbed through the skin as well as surface chemical burns. Some children ingest chemicals lying around meth labs. There is also the possibility of a child inhaling second hand smoke if someone is smoking crystal meth around the children. Contaminated needles are usually lying around also and children can easily step on them or poke them self when touching one.

    Children exposed to lower levels of some of the chemicals used to cook meth can suffer from headaches, nausea, light-headedness and fatigue. Higher levels can affect their breathing and cause coughing, chest pain and dizziness. These toxic chemicals can irritate their eyes, skin, nose, mouth, respiratory tract and cause death.

    Children with long term exposure to meth labs can suffer from kidney failure, liver failure, lead poisoning, neurological problems, changes in their behavior, and have problems with speech.

    Meth chemical flash fires and meth lab explosions happen all too often, 15% of the labs that are discovered by law enforcement are due to fires and explosions.

    Unfortunately the children need to be seen by a physician and have thorough tests done to make sure they're alright. A lot depends on how long and what type of exposure the children have had to these dangerous toxic chemicals. It's important that you let the doctor know everything as hard as it might be, otherwise proper testing won't be done with your grandchildren. A good doctor will run the proper tests and do follow-ups if necessary.

    Your daughter is in need of inpatient treatment for substance abuse but if she's not willing to get help there's not a lot you can do. With inpatient treatment the person is taken out of their unhealthy environment and closely monitored. Treatment programs are designed individually for each person after a complete assessment is done. This ensures they get the exact form of treatment necessary to prevent relapse and a successful recovery. If there is any other health or mental issues they are also diagnosed when a complete assessment is done. A good inpatient treatment center will always do complete evaluations before a treatment is decided upon.

    If your daughter isn't willing to get help you may want to consider a professional Intervention. These are done by experienced and qualified professional interventionists who know what they're doing. They know how to communicate with people who have drug problems and Interventions are very successful. They're able to get the person to realize they need help because they know how to approach the drug user and the interventionist has their best interests at heart. Interventionists also make sure the individual receives the proper treatment for their drug addiction. Interventions not only help the person in need of drug use treatment but they're there to help the family also.

    Let us know if you have any more questions. I hope everything works out OK for your daughter and your grandchildren and that your daughter is able to get the help she needs.

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