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    Meth Use, Abuse and Addiction During Pregnancy

    I have been back on Meth a little a year now with use daily totaling 1 to 4 times a day sometimes. I have been doing it intensively since July, but not daily always. I am 37 and just found out my husband and I are pregnant so last month my period was 2wks early and from my calendar an app. on my phone it says that should of happened on the 3rd.I do not by any means have an issue with quitting, which I have done so I quit the 13th and like a child's life is far more important at this point. Sorry with all this being said will my baby be OK if I am never use again and what effect could it have on the unborn child?

    I wish I could tell you that everything will be ok but that's impossible to know at this point. It's important that you receive prenatal care as soon as possible and as difficult as it may be, you have to be honest with your doctor about your meth use. There are serious prenatal complications associated with meth use and the risks continue to increase for women who actively continue to use meth or any other substance during their pregnancy.

    The fact that you have stopped using is essential but you need to be under medical supervision due to possible withdrawal at the same time. Remember when you use meth, so does your unborn child, when you go through meth withdrawals, so does your unborn child so please make sure you receive prenatal care as soon as possible if you're not already.

    You're not alone and far from the only mother who has become pregnant while using drugs like meth, and the fact that you're willing to stop for the sake of your precious unborn child shows how much you truly care about your baby. Honesty and good prenatal care is most important right now for your unborn child. With continued meth use during pregnancy the development of your unborn child's brain, spinal cord, heart and kidneys are put at risk as well as many other serious complications including addiction and withdrawal. Please keep in touch and let us know how you're doing.

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