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Letters From Family & Friends of Meth Addicts

  • Feb

    Children of a Meth Using Mother

    I am raising my 2 yr. old granddaughter. My daughter used meth for at least 8 years that I know of. She has had 3 children and 1 abortion that I know of. My oldest granddaughter is almost 4 and is a quadriplegic and on a ventilator to breathe 24/7. The granddaughter that I am raising was exposed to meth while my daughter was pregnant and she has been acting out recently in incredible ways. Biting, hitting, spitting, screaming (for hours), and crying. It has been almost constant for about 2 weeks. At first I attributed it to the "terrible twos", but I'm beginning to be concerned about her behavior. She throws herself down on the floor/sidewalk/street when she doesn't get what she wants and bangs her head. She also seems to be obsessed with her vagina. She will put objects or her fingers there and I have to watch her like a hawk. She has bitten off her finger and toe nails to the point where they hurt and she cries. She even bites her own arm while I'm watching her. She is in the state system, so I'm really paranoid about being accused of hurting her because of the things she's doing to herself. If you think you can use meth and it won't affect your children think again.


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