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Letters From Family & Friends of Meth Addicts

  • Jan

    His New Best Friend

    3 months ago I had a 16 year old who got good grades, worked part-time, was responsible, kind, considerate and reliable. 3 months ago I was kidding myself. I'd suspected he was snorting "something" because the signs were there (having used cocaine myself many years ago in the 80's) but his behavior was "ok" and he was passing drug tests (smart kid learned how to "bleach" and use others urine) I figured if anything it was a phase. He still had his friends, school work was good, and he was "ok" until one night 3 months ago.

    He stole my new car and went on a buy. Apparently my darling child was a big-time dealer in our area. (He handed over his grinder, scales and baggies later) and he went on a binge one that included his getting in a fight in the parking lot of a strip club. He stole money from my wallet and jewelry was missing. Those are possessions. What was really missing when he came home was his mind.

    After 2 months in a residential treatment facility the staff threw up their hands at first it was "drug induced psychosis" then it was "Schizophrenia" he became violent after 45 days so they kept shooting him up with my psych drugs. HOW is drugging up a drug addict supposed to make him better? We've deferred to the psychiatric experts for over 75 days and finally moved him from "the best adolescent treatment center ON the west coast" to another local program only to have them throw him out because they're not equipped to deal with him.

    So 24 hours a day we have to watch him until we can find another place I want somebody who will work with him not just place him in an institution and house him. His IQ was 130 now its 78. Although how they can IQ test him accurately when he is so stoned on psych drugs is beyond me.

    We've done the special "Pasadena" rehab / psych facility, tried one in Northridge and now I'm praying that the University over the 405 will be able to help.

    During all of this I've mediated for my husband and his ex-wife (she seems to think holistic healing and taking him OFF anti-psychotics will help) and he's more traditional and we've found out I'm pregnant. To be honest my joy in finally conceiving is not there I'm terrified in 15 years I'll be dealing with this again. I love my step-son but he's talking to walls, the TV talks to him and he's gone from being college bound to penitentiary bound METH IS NOT WORTH IT the high can kill your brain.

    Annabelle, Northridge, CA.

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