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Letters From Family & Friends of Meth Addicts

  • Feb

    Living With A Meth User

    I met my husband when we were in high school, we did not form a relationship until about 3 1\2 years ago. We both were former meth addicts in high school. When we first got together again we tried meth again. When we did it we both promised each other that we would not do it again. My husband has an irregular heartbeat and it seemed like his heart was going to stop. I have remained sober from that time to now and that was 3 1/2 years ago. My husband is another story though.

    After we had been together about a year he started doing steroids. He would always get very physical with me during that time. He only stopped using steroids after he rammed a ford F350 truck with his Mazda 626 until his car would no longer run. He was charged with aggravated assault and served just a week in jail.

    He seemed to be doing well after that so we went ahead and got married. But about 4 months into our marriage he was using crystal meth again. I was 3 months pregnant. He never was physical with me while I was pregnant, but he was never around. I have 1 child from a previous relationship and he has 2. So we were on our way to having 4 children. He started doing crystal meth in January and ended up quitting in May. I gave birth to our new baby while he was high. It was the worst experience I can remember. He was tweeking the whole time I was in labor and half the time was out smoking.

    About two weeks after I had our son I received a call from him asking me to come and get him. He had been up so long that he thought that the cops were there and fire trucks, FBI agents, And dead bodies. I had to pack up my children and go pick him up on Mother's day.

    After that day he stayed off of drugs until about January of this year. He ran into an old friend of his at his new job and they started hanging out. His friend introduced him to a new drug called Oxycotton (pain pill). He was doing those for a while and other pain pills. He lost his job, he lost our money, and he lost everything! He started doing meth again along with pain pills too in May. He would tell me that he was selling drugs and not taking them. I just kept begging him to go get a job because at that time I did not want to admit that he was doing drugs again. All the signs were there again. No sleeping, weight loss, staying away all hours of the night, being mean to everyone, no sex drive, tweeking out on everything, being paranoid, and stealing.

    We had lost our house and all of our credit because of the last time he did meth so we had to move into my mom's in January about the same time he started doing pain pills. He has also been getting involved with gangs again and doing a-lot of illegal things. In September he had still not found a job so I finally had to get one. I started working at a bar as a cocktail waitress at nights. I was so lonely and fed up with everything that I started to talk to a really nice guy in there. My husband soon realized that something had been going on. He was still using meth and was even trying to get me to use it again.

    I have told him that I want a divorce and that I will no longer go through these things in my life. I had a friend over at my mom's the other night and he came by and seen it was a male and rammed his truck. He has claimed to be off drugs and a changed person, but from what I see he is the same person with a temper from hell and a drug problem. After he rammed the vehicle I was in he went to his parents' house and took our 1 year old son and hid out with him for about a week. He would not tell me where our son was and who he was with. It was the worst week of my life. He has now returned our son and has told me that he is clean now for 5 days. He came over tonight and admitted that he had used again.

    I still love him and care about him so much! I just want to see him have a happy life he has done too much to me for me to stay with him. I just want to be there for him but he seems to need me whenever he is not sleeping. Like tonight I was busy for 2 hours and he used. He is very good at manipulating people and making them feel bad. I just need help I cannot work, and raise 2 kids and try and baby sit him every day every hour it is impossible!

    HELP! Real

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