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  • Feb

    My Solution

    My husband quit because of a series of events. The final kicker was his friend (the one that first taught him how to shoot up speed), died in a tragic fire at age 30. My husband has no belief system. Never had it even as a child and because of this, it scared the shit out of him. He vowed never to do speed again.

    The initial kicker was love. I come from a strong background of being taught what love is. It is the one real thing to me, and with this "power" I helped him initially kick. I just loved him.

    At first, I was angry. I got mad, jealous, and hurt a lot. This never worked. This turned into a control game. Then, I figured, I might as well know where he's coming from. So, knowing that I wasn't the addictive type, I started using for a good year. I learned what it did, first hand. At this time, I read a lot on the drug, and talked with many of our other friends whom were addicts. Then I just stopped.

    I put myself in rooms of people shooting up, smoking, and as they offered me a pipe, I would turn it down, just to learn about will power. I then became the observer. Sometimes it would be tempting, but I would visualize what it felt like that come down how shitty I felt about myself, and I would gladly say "no thank you."

    Anyway after that, I showed my husband love. I loved him unconditionally, I showed him that I could shoot speed, and then sit in a room filled with it, and not do it. So, this kicker would have been my example. Of course, you have to remember, that everything I did to help him, was out of pure love for him that is the key.

    I then talked with him a lot. I helped him open up to me, and be honest with me. This is where I gave him trust the next kicker. Trust is a huge thing to an addict. I don't think I need to explain this one. A lot of what I said to him was very important. Saying the right things, at the right time, is a hard thing, yet a vital thing in this kind of a situation.

    I do know that prisons, rehabs and "prescriptions" DO NOT WORK. In fact, they 90% of the time make the user use more. I've seen all of these "solutions" in many cases, and only a few come out with the help they needed.

    My question is: "Is there hope for the x-addict?" It gets discouraging at times. I hope that there is. For some odd reason, in my case, I feel like us having a child (in about 5 years) will really help my husband. This is a personal thing though, as these situations are truly very different from user to user.


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