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Letters From Family & Friends of Meth Addicts

  • Mar

    Supporting A Loved One

    Hello, I'm going to keep myself anonymous for this letter. But I would like to say that anyone who has to deal with people using meth is not alone. We all would like to try to help out our loved ones in their time of addiction, but there isn't much we can really do except be there for them. I've had to deal with so many friends and meth problems it's not even funny. But anytime you try to lecture them, it will just make them want to do it more. The town I live in is getting very into meth. It's everywhere you go, and pretty surprising for a small growing town in B.C, Canada.

    Well, I got kicked out of my house in the summertime, and most of my friends at that point were all into meth, except me because I didn't and still don't believe in doing drugs. I was usually staying at my friends place, and they were usually up until all hours of the night so I wasn't able to sleep. And trying to stay awake with meth users when you aren't on it is so hard but I had to do it. I was getting so sick and my body couldn't handle it because I had nothing helping me stay up. But I still had to. It went on like this for about a month's time of me maybe having the most of 3 hours of sleep or less a night, because of the night crawlers. The last day I had to put up with it was when I was supposed to stay at a friend's place for the night, and she promised we would go back there, but only when she was done smoking her shit. So I waited around, and we walked over to the beach, and I was so exhausted. Then every half hour she told me we would go, very soon, but never ended up going. Finally, we went to a friend of hers place, where I passed out watching a movie at 4 o'clock in the morning. I woke up in a room where they hot boxed the whole place with meth, smoking it out of a bowl. My lungs hurt so bad from breathing in the air, and by the time we got outside, I was starting to see purple dots everywhere.

    So that was the last straw. I took a trip out of town to get away from this, and when I returned, people were still doing it. I changed my group of friend's a lot, but no matter what I do, meth still follows. It's eating away everyone in this town. No matter what you try to say to them, they won't listen, and they start to rebel against you and do it more. Even now, I have changed groups so much and people are still doing it that I'm hanging out with, so I just stop talking to them. I still say hi the odd once in a while, and I Will always be there for them if they decide to get help, but I can't just sit around and watch them do it. So I guess to all you people having to deal with loved ones or friends getting into meth, all you can do is let them know you'll be there for them but not for a long time. Don't let them get you around it, either, it's not worth it. All they care about is themselves and the drug. It's not worth it.

    Anonymous M, Kelowna, British Columbia,Canada

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