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    Is the Crystal Meth Problem Becoming Worse?

    Is the Crystal Meth Problem Becoming Worse?

    Normal people don't have drug problems, right? Ordinary, everyday family men and women could not possibly suffer from an addiction to crystal meth. This is an affliction for bad people, homeless people, people with problems, right? Only, this isn't true. Recently in Cottage Grove, Oregon, two residents of California on a road trip were pulled over because they were not staying in their lane on the Interstate 5 freeway, and they were not moving over when an emergency vehicle went by.

    In the dashboard of the pickup truck, hidden in a secret compartment, the couple was transporting methamphetamine drugs. There were 8 different packages, each weighing 1 lb, so the total estimated value of the crystal meth in the car was $168,000.

    This is just an example of what is going on with crystal meth in the United States. This is a pandemic problem that is becoming worse rather than better. This drug problem is becoming increasingly prevalent mainly because of how easily crystal meth is manufactured, transported and obtained. Almost anyone who wants to get a hold of crystal meth can do so with little trouble because the drug is becoming easier to find and purchase.

    In tablet form, a tenth of a gram worth of crystal meth is going to cost around $5. The good stuff, imported in from Europe, can cost as much as $20 per tablet.

    Law enforcement officials are saying that the methamphetamine problem is becoming worse all across the nation, including a recent resurgence in the production of methamphetamine labs. In West Central Texas, the commander of the Interlocal Crime Task Force says that most of their calls for help are related to methamphetamine, and approximately 95 percent of all drug evidence that they take in is related to crystal methamphetamine drugs.

    According to an online database responsible for tracking how pseudoephedrine is purchased, more people are trying to create meth in their own homemade meth labs than ever before. Luckily this online database is going to aid significantly in helping to develop leads on the people who are buying the medication for the creation of meth.

    One of the things that makes meth so easy to produce is that there are several different ways that you can create it. The most popular, at least in Texas is known as "Nazi cooking" and it entails mixing pseudoephedrine pills with other chemicals. Shake and Bake is another method, which entails cold pills, household chemicals and a two liter soda bottle. Requiring so little to create the drug, many of the ingredients which are available in your average drug store, means that meth is notoriously easy to make. Unfortunately, because inexperienced people are making it in their homes, much of the drug that is out there is even less safe. People are mixing random household chemicals with cold pills and expecting something that isn't going to kill them.

    When it became harder to purchase ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, the number of meth labs found across the nation shrank consideration. It began at around 17,400 during 2003 and was only 7,347 nationwide as of 2006 according to statistics from the Associated Press. However now meth makers are finding ways by which they can get around these laws, and so the number of meth labs is beginning to grow again. No one is legally allowed to purchase more than 300 pseudoephedrine pills in a single month, the equivalent of 9 grams. People are hitting pharmacies en masse and attempting to buy as much as they can, however, traveling from store to store until they have enough of what they need.

    Meth labs never really go away, even when it seems like their numbers are dwindling. The problem with drug abuse and addiction is that the addicts and the drug pushers are always going to find a way regardless of what the law states. Meth makers are finding new ways to create and peddle their drugs, and younger and younger audiences are beginning to try them for the first time at earlier ages. The drug pandemic, especially the crystal meth pandemic, is not going to go away any time soon. The law can make it harder to acquire the necessary ingredients, but this will only cause the meth labs to find new ways to secure the same ingredients that they need, by any means necessary.

    If you are struggling with an addiction to crystal meth, then you need to be aware of the fact that there is help out there. Drug rehab programs and facilities are specifically set up in such a way that they can provide you with detox and rehabilitation programs for your specific needs. The right inpatient or residential rehab program is going to provide you with the tools and the support that you need to finally overcome your addiction once and for all. There is no reason for you to continue struggling with an addiction when the help that you need is right around the corner. Reach out for help today and begin your journey to recovery once and for all.

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