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    Methamphetamine a Psychostimulant Drug

    Methamphetamine a Psychostimulant Drug

    Methamphetamine is a type of psychostimulant or psychoactive drug that falls into the class of Amphetamine drugs. When it is used for illicit purposes, it is primarily referred to as being either Crystal Meth, ice or Meth.

    This drug is capable of significantly increasing the level of alertness, energy and concentration. When it is taken in high dosages, it can also improve one's self esteem, induce euphoria and even improve the user's libido.

    Because it is capable of having a high potential for addiction and abuse, it is a highly controlled substance. The reason for why it is addictive is because it activates the brain's psychological reward system because it triggers a release of the dopamine in the brain in a cascading fashion.

    One of the most important things for you to understand when it comes to Methamphetamine use and abuse is the fact that the withdrawal process associated with no longer taking it can be overwhelming and even life threatening. This is why people that are suffering from a Methamphetamine addiction are typically urged to trust their care to a drug rehab center where they can get professional help and medical support, allowing them not to have to go through this alone.

    The way that Methamphetamine is abused has everything to do with how it affects the brain and the body. This is a white, bitter-tasting but odorless crystalline powder which is easily dissolved both in water and in alcohol. It can be taken in a wide variety of different manners, but nearly all of them are purely recreational in nature. What this means is that people do not typically take Methamphetamine for medical reasons, but instead they take this drug to get high or to feel other effects, and so they obtain it illicitly or illegally in order to get these experiences. The most common ways to take Methamphetamine include oral administration, intranasal administration through snorting the powder, injection by needle or by smoking it.

    Almost all forms of Methamphetamine use can be classified as Methamphetamine abuse. This is because this drug is almost always acquired illegally and used in a manner that goes against any potential legitimate uses that a physician might recommend it for. Methamphetamine is very much a used and abused medication that can easily become addicted to when someone takes it habitually over a long period of time.

    Methamphetamine Withdrawal Symptoms

    People that use Methamphetamine experience neurotoxicity when it comes to dopaminergic neurons, and this means that a number of symptoms can persist beyond the typical withdrawal period. Some people experience the symptoms that are associated with Methamphetamine withdrawal for numerous months and even as long as a year. There is a type of psychosis that resembles schizophrenia and that is present in as many as 20% of all Methamphetamine addicts, and it can persist for much longer than six months after use of Methamphetamine.

    This is not the only withdrawal symptom associated with Methamphetamine. Other Methamphetamine withdrawal symptoms include fatigue, increased appetite and severe depression. The symptoms can last for several days with even only occasional use, and much longer in people that are chronic users of the drug. The severity of the withdrawal symptoms is typically going to depend on how much was used and for how long. Other Methamphetamine withdrawal symptoms include:

    • Hypersomnia or Excessive Sleeping
    • Irritability
    • Anxiety
    • Agitation
    • Headaches
    • Deeper than Normal Sleep
    • Suicidal Thoughts

    Methamphetamine Abuse Treatment Options

    Because an addiction to Methamphetamine can be so severe, it is vitally essential that you seek the right type of help when you are trying to kick this kind of habit. The right type of help is best going to be found through a drug rehab center where you can treat both the physical aspects of the addiction and the emotional or mental aspects as well.

    The first step to overcoming a Methamphetamine addiction or dependency is the physical detox. In a drug rehab center, you will be able to treat the process slowly in order to avoid the potential for withdrawal symptoms. Considering how severe the detox and withdrawal symptoms can be, it is a good idea to go through this process surrounded by the right medical help, which is why a drug rehab center is ideal. Next, you have to treat the emotional part of the addiction, which involves the use of cognitive behavioral therapy and behavior modification in order to create healthier habits and a drug free lifestyle.

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