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    Methamphetamine Detox

    Methamphetamine Detox

    Methamphetamine is a drug that is highly addictive and since it is a stimulant it gives a person high that is closely associated with the feeling of taking Amphetamines. The drug gives a person a long lasting stimulating feeling and is toxic to the nerve receptors in the central nervous system. The drug is white and odorless and can be snorted, injected, or smoked. Methamphetamine is the biggest drug problem in the United States, as it is easy to get and very cheap.

    Unlike prescription drugs, Methamphetamine is very easy to get on the streets. The Methamphetamine problem has increased significantly in the last several years, but there are many treatment options for Methamphetamine addiction. Many times when a person has a severe addiction to Methamphetamine, they must go through the detoxification process.

    Methamphetamine Abuse

    Methamphetamine is a highly addictive street drug that has the street names of meth, ice, crystal meth, glass, speed, and chalk. Methamphetamine increases the release of Dopamine in the brain and gives the person a feeling of pleasure and increased motor function. Many Methamphetamine users can be very fidgety and the use of the drug gives a person a major rush right after the taking of the drug.

    Methamphetamine abuse can be seen in all age groups and to show the severity of the problem in the United States, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 1.2 million Americans, in 2009, that were age 12 or older had abused the drug in the previous year. Abuse of Methamphetamine can ruin a person's health as well as a person's relationships.

    Methamphetamine is a powerful stimulant that is a Schedule II drug and while it is available through a medical prescription that are very few medical uses for it. However, when it is prescribed medically it is used to treat Narcolepsy, attention deficit disorder (ADD), and for weight loss. Most all Methamphetamine that is produces illegally is done in meth labs where the drug can be produced very cheaply from products that can be purchased legally. Any way a person uses the drug makes it very highly addictive. Many times a person is addicted to the drug after the first use of it.

    Methamphetamine works as it replaces the natural checmical that the brain naturally produces and gives the user a euphoric feeling. There have been studies that have shown that Methamphetamine changes the memory and emotional areas of the brain. Methamphetamine can cause people to have:

    • Dramatic Weight Loss in a Short Time Period
    • Decayed Teeth
    • Hallucinations
    • Paranoid Thoughts
    • Delusional Thoughts
    • Psychotic Episodes

    When a person smokes or injects Methamphetamine they may feel a rush, which is not felt when a person snorts or injects the drug. There is an increased feeling of wakefulness when taking Methamphetamine as well as a decreased appetite, agitation, irritability, anxiety, and nervousness.

    People can develop a tolerance for Methamphetamine quickly and they will need more of the drug, taken more frequently, in order to feel the effects. Many people binge on Methamphetamine staying up for days, which is when the more severe effects happen. Compulsive users are in the throes of addiction and can have increased paranoid feelings as well as toxic psychosis that can lead to violent behavior.

    Methamphetamine use can also cause people to have strokes and death is the most severe effects of taking the drug. Overdoses are becoming more common as Methamphetamine becomes more of a problem.

    Methamphetamine Detox

    There are many options these days for Methamphetamine since the drug is such a major problem. Many people think they can get off Methamphetamine by themselves by going cold turkey, but while it is possible it is very hard since the drug is such a highly addictive one. Many people that are addicted to Methamphetamine have to go through the tough detoxification process, which is not easy with all the withdrawal symptoms associated with the drug.

    There are many in-patient drug treatment programs that can make the Methamphetamine process easier since they will have a medical staff on site. Also, an in-patient treatment program will not allow a person to go out and get their hands on Methamphetamine since it is a residential treatment program. The length of stay at a in-patient treatment center will differ depending on the program and after a person goes through the difficult detox process they will then go through behavioral therapy in order to get on the road to sobriety.

    When a person is serious about dealing with their Methamphetamine addiction they should speak to a professional drug addiction counselor. They can help a person get the right type of treatment for their Methamphetamine addiction issue.

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