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    Substance Abuse Leads to Meth Addiction

    Substance Abuse Leads to Meth Addiction

    I'm Teresa. As some of you know, I had a year of being meth free. I found the old forum about a year and a half ago. I found a lot of support there. I met a lot of great people that have helped me and supported me when I had rough days. I want to thank you all for being there for me when I needed you. After a while, I got more things going on and got pretty busy and took a break from the forum.

    There were times I'd get triggered reading posts. Sometimes I have to NOT even be reminded of it. I felt I needed to move on and do stuff that had nothing to do with drugs or probation.

    I like the new forum and this new site too. My family is my biggest blessing too. If it were not for them no telling where I’d be now. My meth experience all began in late 1993. I would like to share my experience with you!

    Welcome to all newcomers. My first experience with substances was in 8th grade, I drank beer and freshman year I got turned onto pot. I started out just occasionally using pot and alcohol. Then later on I got introduced to cocaine, which was my favorite for a while. I can’t pinpoint when I first experienced painkillers and sedatives, but I always had a tendency to self-medicate. When I tried something, I knew right away if it agreed with me or not. I had times of complete sobriety from drugs and alcohol in the past, but never a whole year.

    I seemed to click with others that liked the same music and shared the same interests as me. Sometimes drugs would get brought up. Anyway, one day some friends came over. We were talking about different things, listening to some good tunes. The subject of cocaine came up and then someone mentioned, “If you like coke, you’ll love this”. They broke out some meth and we, (my husband, friends and I), snorted some and wow it burned my nose like an mf, but the high was the best I had. Then I got introduced to smoking it and I was sold.

    I felt like, this is it, and it was the drug of my choice for years. After a while, I got to where I wanted it more and more. Every time I knew some was coming or we went to get some, I would get elated just knowing. I learned how to make pipes. I would get a brand new pipe made for the new batch. After being up all night and day and another night and another and so on, it would take its toll on us. We’d get in these awful fights.

    When wearing off/coming down, we would hurt all over and feel like shit. There were times I wanted to quit. I would take a break from it for a few weeks but I never really had my heart in quitting for good. Well we went through some rough times, separated a couple times and almost went through divorce twice. Well summer 2001 I got arrested for possession. I almost lost my family, freedom, etc. I decided no high is worth losing everything!

    Well today I'm happy to say I'm meth free and things are so much better for now. For the longest time I thought, I couldn't go this long without it, no way. I still have thoughts of it that haunt me, but it does get better and easier with time. I'm enjoying other things in life now. It can be done. It's not easy, but possible if someone wants to quit bad enough. I'm thankful that we have places like this to come to. There are many here who have been there, done that. Don't give up. There is hope. There are success stories. Most of all I thank the Lord God for many answered prayers. May God bless you all, Teresa

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