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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

  • Nov

    Death Fight

    We are the dreamers of dead dreams
    We used to cry with the pow-deer;
    Queer theory culture, some homeless
    Boys happy in our happy dust
    Objective disorder
    Fault of mainstream, fault of dad,
    Fault of me, fault of church,
    Sins of father to the son
    A fight abroad
    A battle here

    Back then, them groups, paying that price
    But even our parents enforce those rules
    Can't fight a battle against me; burn my
    Own church inside; battling but
    Just not me, faceless spirit of me

    Mbeki's truth:
    Old struggles; stumbling upon freedoms
    Fighting rule and white and black and
    Dead Achmat with wordless hostage
    Hidden agendas of burning crosses
    And lonely deaths in sterile white rooms
    A fear? Something to hide?
    Our plague our blessing, that our
    Hopeless loveless existence ended
    The torment for the only world we knew

    Sunset on Epidemic
    Yet left still here, in this
    Strange hated world we recreate
    The plague that was always here
    In hate in loathing in me

    These truths are self-evident
    We're equal, we can get there;
    We can be black, if we act white;
    We can be dust, if we can be dust:
    But it's our choice.

    We are your healers,
    Running to our own world of
    Flagellation just to be safe
    We need time to ourselves
    We are raising your kids
    Sitting on the street benches
    Nowhere to go
    Opening our doors, we find the
    Gay Youth of America is hungry,
    They need a meal, they need a bed,
    There is no room for them in mom's inn.
    Dallas holding conferences,
    Leaders with secrets of shame,
    Fathers with methods of disappearance
    Ignoring and not saying

    I gave my soul, my life's promise, that
    I could accept, that they could be my home,
    That I could be their home that I would
    Be among them with them in their sin

    To be among and not one of them
    I watched the best minds go, mine fried
    On the vaporing ICE into the CTA blue lines
    Blue sparking police sirens; feigning
    Ignorance was ticketed for platform smoking
    Driven home, far, far, away, home,
    I am safe. Mommy knows. Daddy knows. I am ok.
    Where do they go?

    My home, with them, I know. Holding,
    Tears, screaming, terrified of past
    Some shouted diner whisper drug dealing
    Overheard. Corporate beauty
    Surrounding, Grant Park and the fabulous
    Programs, welcoming - unheard just a view
    Up the lake. So foreign.

    The kingdom's keys.
    We all have friends who died
    Shot themselves.
    Shot up.

    We all know that
    Battlefield terror
    The stretcher, shaking trembling
    Terror of body, of self,
    Of love
    Of father, of home's command
    That platonic edict, that troy
    Was bombed via friendly transport
    That dad's not coming home
    That home isn't home anymore

    Lonely soul:
    Comfort in stars, in grass
    Litter cans burning, your city afire
    It is my home,
    My love,
    My people,
    My pleasure,
    My pride

    Gods above, below, anywhere
    Save us from our own tears
    And god help us if another daddy won't come home.

    Matt B, Chicago, IL, USA

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