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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

  • Mar


    Dope means pain; I got outfits, and no veins
    I can't get hi, off my own supply, I always have it BOMB.
    Crystal crank coke, whateva
    Brand new rigs, all tha fuckin shit, I get everybody hi
    Off an endless supply, then while they're off geekin
    I'm not fuckin tweakin, I'm just mutilating my fuckin shit
    Stabbin myself, but I dont bleed, shit makes me fuckin INSANE
    That crystal bitch won't stop yelling, in my fuckin mind
    So I scream out loud, I can't take it anymore, the violence, the rage
    I don't know what to do with it, so I give it back to myself
    Then I break all my shit, ruin everything, destruction is my only way out
    I don't want to give this shit to anyone else; because I know I would killem
    I'm killing myself