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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

  • Mar

    Rest at Last

    Mortality challenged by sanity.
    Through a taxicab window I stare at infinity,
    Trying to catch just a glimpse of humanity,
    Hanging on desperately to my last shred of dignity.
    I long to pass through my asylum's door
    I cry and I scream
    "What more? What more?"
    Seconds go by, minutes have died, hours long past
    I have rested at last.
    All through the asylum, peace now prevails
    The onslaught of insanity long since curtailed
    My soul is my asset it now becomes me,
    Not as before, it no longer numbs me.
    The cries and the screams are no longer heard,
    You silly boy.
    Don't you know the whole time you've been free as a bird?

    Joshua, New York, NY, USA