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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

  • Dec

    Shards On a Platter

    Shards on a platter
    Dissolve into puddles
    With great clever
    Although they shouldn't sever
    It still does too because you smoke it in a toot
    When you inhale that hoot
    You feel like you got to move
    Lots of golden energy in your veins
    Crawling up your head and spreading
    To your spleens
    Intoxicated you are that's for sure
    Crystal is nothing but a lure
    Although we are not sure how to understand colors
    Because after 48 hours of not sleeping
    And you're really tweaking
    You start seeing crazy shit like
    Snakes on blinds and yellow crosses in the sky
    The hallucinations make you wonder why.
    2 seconds after inhalation
    You also feel a rising sensation
    Makes you think if your just god's creation
    Or just an alien's experimentation
    Listening to music is like an entire new generation
    It makes your body and mind go crazy
    On crystal you for surely don't feel lazy
    I found out this is a very crazy drug, and not worth the experimentation
    When you're coming down it makes you feel like fucking grub
    You feel like everything would suck
    And it doesn't make you go slow as a slug
    Instead it's like you go a billion miles a hour
    You will feel like a just bloomed flower
    You're alive but not yet ready to dive
    Into the swirling trip of illusion
    So herby I come to the conclusion
    If you do meth once you're hooked for life
    And you feel like you're trapped from the inside
    It will only cause sorrow and make your cry
    So it's not worth your time, trust me I'll bet you a dime
    The experience might be nice, but not when your brain shrinks down to the size of dice.
    You stop caring about yourself and you will eventually get lice
    Then the shit starts to get worse; it's like a terrible curse
    Your skin starts to turn yellow, and your teeth will start to deteriorate
    If you look at it that way meth isn't all that great.
    You might as well inject cyanide, because after meth is done with you,
    you won't have any pride.
    It will eat you from the inside; it's basically the slowest form of suicide.
    Nobody will hear you cry, no one will help you.
    Because they see you as a meth addict and not a nice guy.
    You will cheat, lie, and steal and just to get your fix,
    Just for a couple points you will start sucking dicks.
    How low can you go, just to get your high back on the road.
    Just to satisfy your intense craving, you will look everywhere for the tiny little shards
    And start shaking, because you can't find nothing but rocks and lint.
    And sometimes you might pick up an old flint, thinking it's a big shard
    Then you think to yourself, IM A FUCKING RETARD.
    You cry and you promise yourself you will quit,
    Because all your friends hate you and they split.
    All you think about is getting that dried up puddle lit;
    Crystal meth is a liar and cheat.
    It's for surely not sweet, it will only fill you with hate and greed.
    Dedicated to all the struggling people out there!


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