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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

  • Mar

    The Curtain

    Sometimes I peek into the real world.
    I stand behind the closed curtain and quietly look out,
    Trying to see if the world is still the same since I last left it.
    Part of it is the same but there have been some changes since I was there.
    People have gotten older for one thing.
    And they're used to me not being in their lives anymore. Things have changed.
    They don't miss me anymore; they are used to me being gone.
    Sometimes while I'm looking out, I say, "Hey! Don't you see me?
    Don't you know me? I'm right here! Right behind this curtain! Hey!"
    They acknowledge me; after all they are friends and family.
    They would never hurt my feelings. So they nod a cordial "hello".
    A "hello" that says, "didn't I used to know you from somewhere?"
    I politely acknowledge their cordial "hello". Then, having paid my respects,
    I quietly step behind the curtain again and go back to the other world where I live.